You Have Got Meal Skipper-it is.

  • You may think you are a pillar of willpower, but really, you are just going hungry! “Skipping meals throws your blood sugar levels into disarray,”
  • You feel irritable or tired after going a long time without eating.
  • “Of course, When you eventually do sit down for a proper meal, You are a lot less likely to control your portions and food choices; you will be too hungry.”

Plan what you are going to consume at each snack or meal ahead of time, so you are never stuck without something to eat. And make sure each contain a complex carbohydrate, like brown rice, pasta, or fruit a source of protein.

A combination of all three will help keep you satisfied..

Your Brain And Gut Have Cut Communications.

If You were a rat, you do chow down for about 15 minutes, feel full, and stop eating. But you are not. You probably eat so fast that your stomach hardly has time to alert your brain to tell your mouth to quit chewing before your stomach explodes.

You Are Getting Little shut eye.

The occasional sleepless night does not automatically translate to a large gut but chronic sleep deprivation decreases the odds of shedding blubber and keeping it off.

when you deprived of sleep, the effect on your appetite hormones is not unlike under eating,” Says study author Steven Heymsfield, MD. “Your leptin (a fat regulating hormone) levels shoot up.

You Are Too Refined.

Most processed food – breads, cereals, juices, jams – contain little fiber, the calorie-free component of plant foods that fill you up, not out. Pus, foods rice in fiber help control blood glucose and insulin levels

You Think Exercise Holds All The Answers.

>Exercise alone won’t make you thin. One study of military personnel who increased their workouts during a 3-year period found they gained despite increased their efforts. why? Food, Most likely. They simply ate more than they burned off.

You Are Got Calorie Amnesia

Study findings reveal that most dieters underestimate how much they eat by about 20 percent (or 429 calories) even if they maintain detained food diaries. If you wait to fill your entries until long after you have eaten, it’s difficult to exactly what you took in, calorie by calorie.

Break out your measuring cups and spoons to accurately record your portion size. Note details as soon as possible after you eat.

Write down everything even drinks, condiments, garnishes and items you’ve grabbed off your kids’ plates. Then calculate everything at the end.

You Are Dry

Have another one, bud. Another tall, ice-cold. Glass of water. When you’re trying to lose weight, water is your workout partner.

You need it to flush the waste products your body makes it breaking down fat for energy, or when it processes protein. And water keeps you from overheating during intense exercise on hot days.

You’re Over Confident

You drop 10 or 20pounds and start thinking you’ve got it made.

Next thing you know, you’re back to beer and butter chicken – and your original weight.

If you calculated your food intake and exercise volume when you started, run a new set of numbers, based on your new weight and activity level.

You Can’t cook to save

Never mind your gut. You don’t need to be a master in low fat cooking, but that microwave you blew your last bonus on, isn’t there only to make your kitchen look cool. Learn to make a few green veggies, and you’ll never be accused of being a man whose only kitchen skill involves the speed dial to domino’s.

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