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Autism Symptoms and Home Remedies Treatment

Autism is also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it a developmental disorder that affects behvior and communicating skills . It can be diagnosed at any stage but commonly seen in children that is why called as developmental disorder. Children with autism show severe and pervasive impairment in social interaction and communication . They exhibit stereotype behaviour , show lack of interest in certain activities


Causes of autism are still not certain and clear , but some of the expected causes are –

  • Positive family history – if somebody in the family or the parent is affected then chances of developing disorder in child increases.
  • Having sibling suffering from autism can put the child at risk of developing it.
  • Having old parents
  • Other genetic conditions like down syndrome (disorder due to defect in genes)
  • Low birth weight
  • Sleep disorders
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Peer pressure
  • Suffering from other health issues like gastric disorders , bed wetting etc,.


It can be diagnosed on the basis of multiple symptoms .

  • Difficulty in interacting with people socially
  • Inappropriate body language
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Lack of interest in showing or sharing anything.
  • Do not like to talk
  • Prefer to be alone
  • Do not like to be touched by anyone
  • Difficulty in understanding other person reaction or feelings.
  • Do not have friends.
  • Not able to learn how to speak even after the age of 2 years old.
  • Feel difficult to start the conversation or sto stop the conversation.
  • Unable to understand simple statements.
  • Poor learning ability
  • Obsessive over unimportant objects
  • Repetitive movements of hands and feet constantly.
  • They get upset easily
  • Become very impulsive in nature , gets irritate very easily.
  • They suddenly start to cry or laugh for no reason.

These were some of the symptoms seen in autism spectrum disorder .

Presence of few of these symptoms in your child does not mean he/she is having this disease. These are just the indicatory points that indicates your child might be suffering from it . For complete confirmation one should must visit the doctor for the complete diagnose.

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In ayurveda , there are two types of doshas in our body , one is shareerik dosha and second is mansika dosha.

  • Shareerik dosha(body humor) – there are three types of shareerik dosha that is vata , pitta and kapha.
  • Manasik dosha (mental humor) –there are again of three types satva , rajas , tamas .

Doshas are very important in maintaining body and mental health when they are in there balanced state, shareerik dosha maintains body health and manasik dosha maintains mental health. Imbalance of these dosha can lead to various health problems. Both shareerik and manasik doshas are interlinked with each other , if one type dosha is imbalanced then other type is also affected. For example, if someone is suffering from any chronic disease he or she might be stressed about it which will defintely affect there mental peace and this happens due to manasik dosha involvement. It is very evident that body health issue will affect mental health , similarly mental health will affect the body. Autism as per ayurveda is one of the manasik dosha related disorder and its symptoms can be correlated with the disease unmada called insanity due to similarity in symptoms. Symptoms like not talking to anybody , poor eye contact , preferring to be alone , impulsive behaviour etc,. are the features of vata dosha.


  • Beej dosha (genetic factors)
  • Ahara dosha (diet factors)
  • Agni dushti (digestion problems)
  • Vata dushti
  • Dushi vish (posining)
  • Srotas dushti altering dosha gaman (channels responsible for dosh movement are affected ).
  • Behaviour and thinking of the mother during pregnancy can affect child mental state.


  • Parents must pay attention towards their child.
  • Proper counselling is needed
  • Parents should not yell at their child
  • During pregnancy mother should take care of her mental health by doing yoga ,meditation etc,.
  • Diet should be corrected avoid junks and include healthy food items .


Detoxification therapy – agni (digestive fire ) is very important for healthy body and it helps to remove toxins from body.

In autism agni (digestive fire ) do not function and channels are also affected so we will include –

  • Pachna and deepan drugs like pippali , marich , shunthi , chitrak or hingu .
  • For cleansing channels , panchkarma can be done , which includes swedan (oleation therapy ) , shirodhara , nasya and basti(enema) can be done in children.

Yoga therapy and pranayam ( breathing exercise ) can be included.

Herbal medication

  • Mandukparni –it is one of the effective nervine tonic , has sedative and anti-anxiety action helps in modulation of anxiety , and also has anti-epileptic property prevent seizures. It promotes brain functioning and increases memory and learning skill. Helps in treating many psychological problems effectively.
  • Brahmi –it is one of the very famous and effective drug in increasing memory and intelligence , provide strength and immunity , rich in anti –oxidant detoxifies the body , it treats nervousness , depression , anxiety , insomnia , psychosis effectively . found to be very effective autism
  • Shankpushpi – it is also effective nervine tonic , helps in reducing stress , anxiety,and improves intelligence. It is found effective in treating autism , Alzheimer and dementia like diseases. It enhances the learning ability
  • Guduchi –it is one of nectar in herbs , balances three dosha , detoxifies body due to its anti-oxidant property ,boost immune system , also considered as best brain tonic , having chemical compound ethanol which has anti-stress action .
  • Trikatu – it is combination of pippali , marich and shunti , it is very effective in increasing power of digestive fire , helps in detoxification ,
  • So these were the different modes of treatment in ayurveda for safely approach in management of child affected by autism .It takes long term intervention but is very effective and safe for children . Herbs mentioned above are formulated in different formulations and are available in the form ghee, syrups , tablets , decoction etc . We also provide proper treatment for autism including panchkarma therapy , yoga , and medication at aryurvedayogashram. Our procducts are

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