• Push the navel against the spine a hundred times. having thus got rid of abdominal diseases, one increases the gastric fire.
  • Note: As it is apparent by its name that this practice influences our digestive system through gastric fire. this can be practised either in the position of uddiyana or in Padamasana or even in any sitting posture in which you can remain steady.


  • stand erect.
  • Make a distance of 1-1/2 feet between legs and place both hands on respective knee.
  • slowly exhale completely. as we retain breath out in Uddiyana, so retain it out.
  • after that, the stomach, which has gone in due to complete exhalation.
  • without inhaling try to blow it out like a balloon, maintaining for two seconds, take the stomach in and again blow it out. do not likewise for 4 to 6 times.
  • now inhale. this forms one round of agnisara. practise it for four or five times.


  • Practise it on empty stomach.
  • Do not practise it at least for four hours after meal.