Wish fulfillment

In anahata chakra, the freedom to escape from a preordained fate and to determine one’s own destiny becomes a reality. According to the tantras, at the root of anahata there is a wish fulfilling tree known as the kalpa taru or kalpa vriksha. When this tree starts to fructify, whatever you think or wish comes true.

Develop a new way of thinking

When anahata chakra blooms and awakens, you must have very good sangha, associations. You should never associate with people who depend on their fate. Rather, you should always associate with those who depend on faith. You must have unswerving faith in the power of your own will. Even in the face of tremendous odds, be unflinching. Then you will succeed. Willpower is never the outcome of suggestion. If you are ill and you say a hundred times, ‘I am well, I am well, I am well…’, this is called autosuggestion. It is not will. Will is something more than this. ‘Even if my son is suffering from the worst disease and medical science has declared that he is about to die, I know he will not.’ This is how you have to think and use your will.

Love without expectations

Anahata chakra awakens refined emotion in the brain and its awakening is characterized by a feeling of universal, unlimited love for all beings. Of course there are many people in the world who practise kindness and charity, but they have selfishness. Their charity is not an expression of anahata chakra and spiritual compassion, it is human compassion. When you have human compassion you open hospitals and feeding centers or you give clothing, money and medicine in charity, but that is human charity.

Love overcomes ego

Anahata chakra can be aroused and awakened by the practice of bhakti yoga, in which there is no place for egotistical consciousness. Your devotion can be for God or guru. It is easy to practise devotion to God because he does not check your ego, or even if he does, you don’t know it. But when you practise devotion to guru, the first thing he does is ‘egodectomy.’ So when you direct your devotion to guru, you have lots of difficulties. If you only meet your guru from time to time, the problems are invisible, but if you live with him, the problems are greater. Therefore, many people think it is safer to have a guru who is no longer living.

Psychic propensities of anahata chakra

Prior to the awakening of anahata there may be frequent pain in the chest or irregular functioning of the heart, such as accelerated pulse. However, rather than feeling ill, one feels healthy and active and requires little sleep. One obtains complete emotional balance and the ability to communicate externally as well as internally. Voices or sounds coming from other realms may be heard, and buzzing or humming sounds and the music of a flute may be experienced.