According to yoga a balanced diet is that which restores balance at all levels. Such diets could do in a Holistic way of living

According to Yoga and Ayurveda food is categorized into 3




Satvik Food

This is purest diet and most suitable for yoga practitioner. Satvik food contains fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, milk products, nuts and honey wholesome grains. Satvik food are fresh, whole natural, of good quality, neither over nor under cooked gives calm and alertness and at the same time a state of quiet energy. They are said to nourish consciousness. They add vitality to the total system by bringing a perfect harmonious balance of energy states in the food itself. They do not pull the energy from the body and they do not weigh it down. They provide a practice balance of nourishment and create no undue waste. This type of food increases the vitality and not sheer-bulk which supplies energy for meditative purposes. Diet can influence the mind and change the personality. So we must change our food habits towards a mind attached to it, a yoga sadhana can gain immensely in his journey towards mental control.

Rajasic Food

The type of food is very natured spicy, bitter, sour, pungent, dry and excessively and exit the passions, making mind restless and uncontrollable.

Food which is cooked a great deal to increase into taste appeal.

Which stimulates and activates the nervous system.

Which speeds up metabolism e.g. tea, coffee, tobacco, green chilies and pepper, high quality wines.

Rajasic food stimulates speed, sensual pleasure and physical activity.

Spiced and cooked food to perfection with lots of such sauces, it tempts one to eat more and leads the attention to the savor of the food and away from internal signals.

Such food items are real enemy of mind body equilibrium.

Such a diet no doubt creates in an individual brilliant energy and keeps all vigorous men restlessly striving to fulfill their uncontrolled passion and desires.

Tamsic Food

It is state more or less spoiled artificial additives, with preservatives etc which is not at all useful to nourish either body or mind. These include alcohol, tobacco and fermented food such a vinegar, canned food preserved fruits etc

Diet containing insecticides, emulsifiers, artificial coloring and other chemicals.

The food which has been left their essence & which has been processed a great deal.

Energy & vitality are almost absent in such foods and hence he becomes sluggish and diseases of degeneration and accumulation of excessive matter are likely to occur like obesity, arthritis etc.

When food is spoiled its chemical structure breaks down and because of the acidity that results some nutrients are destroyed. Rather then being useful, they may break down into products which cannot be used by the body but must be excreted. In the mean time, they are under circulation and act as irritants to the nervous system as well as to other cells, tissues and organ. Eating Tamsic food makes one less alert.

Ayurveda believes that right food is the best medicine. As vital power of the food is the greatest curative power.

According to Ayurveda and yoga, food is responsible for the individual’s physical, mental and spiritual development. Since food is the source of vitality, errors in diet will cause disorders. This is why we should be aware of the properties of the food we eat.