Fresh fruits, nuts and berries such as strawberries, blueberries and cherries should be introduced to the ayurvedic diet that is being undertaken for the treatment of gout.

A vegetarian diet is taken into account helpful in Ayurveda for the treatment of gouty arthritis. One should avoid foods that area unit high in purines. Purines breakdown into uric acid within the body associated an more than acid within the body is that the leading reason for arthritis. High supermolecule foods area unit made sources of purines. These embrace meats, yeast and mussels.

One should avoid dairy products such as milk and instead switch to rice or soy milk.

Vegetables should be included in the diet and meat and meaty products should be avoided.

Processed foods like breadstuff shouldn’t be consumed as they more upset the imbalance already gift within the body.

One should avoid hot and spicy foods in order that the body goes not heat up. Additionally ocean foods together with shellfish, prawns, crabs and sardines shouldn’t be consumed.

Ghee 50 ml (1/8 the volume of the kwatha)

Apart from a healthy diet, exercise is of dominant importance for keeping the symptoms of gout in restraint. Excess weight could be a deciding issue for gout.

Therefore, regular exercise helps to keep one weight under control.Other life-style changes like obtaining adequate sleep and drinking lots of water.

Castor seed oil is great massage oil for individuals with oil. Since gout is said to inflammation of the joints that is in the midst of pain, the unsaturated fatty acid gift within the seeds is useful in relieving the pain.

Gokulkanta leaves once mixed with tulsi leaves and so dotty either milk or some beverage helps in relieving some symptoms that area unit associated with gout.

Turpeth that is additionally referred to as Indian jalap is employed for the treatment of arthritis. It is mixed with harad or chebulic myrobian and so administered to gouty arthritis patients.

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