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Azoospermia Home Remedy

Tribulus terrestris, an active ingredient in ayurvedic medicines is an effective herbal remedy for azoospermia. Apart from curing azoospermia, this herbal remedy has been used for centuries for the treatment of reproductive disorders like low libido and erectile dysfunction

  • Have a good massage therapy with herbal oils to improve blood circulation Loose excess weight Have a healthy diet hold whole grains and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins
  • Sperm levels are at the uppermost in the morning and afternoon creation it the best time for love making.
  • Avoid tight underpants to make existing an ambient type of weather for the testicles
  • Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
  • Practice yoga and consideration to be stress free
  • Try to exercise frequently
  • Try to maintain a three day gap between two consecutive ejaculations to remain fertile

Body massaging using relaxant oils is found to be as an effective natural cure for azoospermia. It is a natural cure suggested for improving blood circulation and maintaining proper body weight. Some among the best used herbal oils for doing body massaging include chamomile oil, lavender oil, olive oil and coconut oil. For attaining best result, it is advised to do body massaging thirty minutes before bath. It supplies sufficient nutrients to cells and improves the overall health of body. As per studies made on patients, stress is found to be as a common cause of azoospermia. Body massaging using herbal oils relaxes nerve cells and minimizes the risk of disorders like stress, anxiety and depression.

Home Delivery of Oligospermia Kit :

  • Herbal AZ Oorja Capsules - Quantity - 120 (2 capsules 2 times in a day)
  • Herbal AZ Oligo Capsules - Quantity - 120 (2 Capsules 2 times in a day)
  • Museli Kaunch  Capsules - Quantity-  120 (2 Capsules 2 times in a day)
  • Shakar Vallabh Ras Tablet- Quantity-  060 (1 tablet 2 times in a day)
  • Herbal Granules AZ Oligo 200 Grams (3 gms in morning -3 gms in evening preferably with milk after meal.
  • Average duration of the treatment is 4 to 6 months.
  • Cost = $180 per month package. But now for month the cost of this kit is reduced .
  • New offer price is 120 USD

Oligospermia Kit

Our Price : $120

For Indian Customers

Rs. 6000/-

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