Lie down on the mat on your back. Keep the arms along the side of your body. You are to imitate the movements of a small child. Now bend the right leg and bring the right knee toward the abdomen as far as possible. Meanwhile keep the left leg straight and slightly raised above the ground and also bend your neck forward. Now straighten the right leg and bend the left leg bringing it towards your abdomen. Meanwhile keep the right leg straight and a little raised above the ground. While doing this you can make a fist and bring the left fist towards the right knee when it comes near the abdomen and similarly bring the right fist towards left knee. Do it in continuous manner without stopping for 2 to 5 minutes. It can be done in the morning and also during evening time. Breathe normally while doing this asana.


  • It helps in painful conditions of knee joints.
  • It improves relieving the swelling of knee joints and to some extent in straightening the knee joints.
  • It improves the blood circulation of whole body from head to toes.
  • It makes the whole body stronger as whole body muscles work during this asana.
  • As this asana resembles the movement of small child, our body becomes light and flexible like a child’s body.