According to Ayurveda Human body is divided into three types

  • Vataj type
  • Pittaj type
  • Kafaj type

Vataj type

  • Lean built
  • Less Strength
  • Dry body
  • Dry and Dark skin
  • Scanty hair
  • Fickle minded
  • Irregular appetite & thirst
  • Constipational tendency
  • Disturbed sleep

Pittaj type

  • Medium built
  • Medium Strength
  • Excessive sweating
  • Pinkish /yellowish skin
  • Early graying/baldness
  • Short tempered
  • Excessive appetite & thirst
  • Frequent & large stools
  • Average sleep

Kafaj type

  • Stout & well built
  • Good strength
  • Oily body
  • Fair/smooth skin
  • Black /thick hair
  • Steady/patient
  • Normal appetite & thirst
  • Normal steady bowel
  • Sound deep

so sleep according to these basic principals an Ayurvedic physician can assess the exact body type and then he can make diagnosis, make diet chart, give treatments and at last can guide about Ayurvedic life style.

Some special instructions for all parkarti persons are like


  • Food of hot and fatty nature is advised
  • Sweet, salty and sour taste foods are advisable
  • Light purgatives are beneficial
  • Oil massage is good
  • Hot water bath is conductive
  • Medicated enema is advised
  • Cold water, cool drinks and exposure to cold wind may be avoided.


  • Regular intake of ghee and cold natured food are beneficial
  • Sweet, bitter and astringent tastes are suitable
  • Cold bath, application of Chanden, Usheer and mild perfumes may be used to keep the body cool.
  • Residing in cool places, riverbanks are advisable.
  • Mild purgation may be useful
  • Too hot, spicy, salty, pungent and sour food may be avoided.


  • Light and hot natured food is advisable
  • Diets with pungent, bitter and astringent tastes are advisable
  • Physical exercises like jogging, running, swimming are recommended
  • Too heavy, fatty, cold and sweet items may be avoided
  • Sedentary life style is harmful