Premature Ejaculation Causes

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common complaint. The available evidence supports the notion that control and modulation of sexual excitement is learned behavior. If someone has learned it incorrectly or inadequately, they can relearn it. PE is only rarely caused by a physical or structural problem; in these cases it is usually associated with other physical symptoms, usually pain. In rare cases, PE may be associated with a neurological condition; infection of the prostate gland; or urethritis (inflammation of the duct that carries urine and semen to the outside of the body). With the rising prevalence of substance abuse, an increasing number of cases of PE are being diagnosed in patients withdrawing from drugs, especially opioids.

PE may be of lifelong duration or develop in later life, especially if a difficult interpersonal relationship is one of its causes. Although PE is commonly associated with psychological symptoms, especially performance anxiety and guilt, these symptoms are its consequences rather than its causes. Once PE is firmly established, however, the accompanying psychological factors, especially in combination with sexual overstimulation, may form a self-perpetuating cycle that makes the disorder worse.

Premature ejaculation is common in adolescents where it may be made worse by feelings of sinfulness concerning sexual activity, fear of discovery, fear of making the partner pregnant, or fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). All of these may be made worse by performance anxiety. Adults may have similar concerns as well as interpersonal factors related to the sexual partner..

What are the symptoms?

In PE, ejaculation happens previous the patient and/or the couple would really like, therefore preventing full satisfaction from intercourse, particularly on the a part of the sexual partner, who oftentimes fails to realize sexual climax. Premature Ejaculation is nearly invariably among marked emotional upset and social difficulties which will add frustration to an already tense state of affairs, that makes the loss of sexual fulfillment even worse. It’s additionally vital to differentiate sexual climax from ejaculation. Some men are able to distinguish between the 2 events and luxuriate in the pleasant sensations related to climax excluding the emission of seminal fluid, that sometimes ends the instant of consummation. In these cases, the partner is capable of achieving coming and sexual satisfaction.

How is it treated?

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