Definition of Ayurveda

The literal meaning of “ayu” is life. According to Ayurveda this is explained as the combined state of Sharira (body), Indriya (Sense), Mana (Psyche) and Atma (Soul). Out of these Sharir is visible and is considered as sthoola sharir, which is made up of Panchamahabhoota. Indriya, mana and atma are not visible and hence are called as sukshma sharir or linga sharir. 

Ayurveda deals with the ways and means to achieve health and also the path, which leads to disease. It also deals with quantum of the Ayu (life).

“We treat the patients by judging the cause of the disease whether it may be physical or mental. Then with the help of Ayurvedic formulations and herbs, Yoga and Pranayam, Diet instructions, daily and seasonal routines.”