• One of the foremost vital treatments for depression is Yoga and meditation. besides this, mental guidance is that the best thanks to treat depression.
  • Ayurvedic oil massages for heads like Shirodhara and Shiro Basti also are suggested. Full body massage like abhyanga is additionally useful.
  • Mix one/8 teaspoon of nutmeg powder with 1 tablespoon of freshly extracted amla juice. Consume this mixture thrice on a daily basis
  • Licorice tea conjointly works well for depressed minds. Take 1-3 cups of tea per day to induce obviate depression.
  • Diet is additionally a very important concern for treating depression. Having a well-balanced biological process food is extremely essential.
  • Practicing yoga is usually recommended for calming the mind and equalization status. Totally different asanas and pranayama strategies are instructed.
  • Make dietary changes and check out to include food components that pacify Vata. Eat food that is heat and serious and strength-giving. Eat salads, fruits, etc, and don’t take excessive caffein-containing substances. Avoid spicy lyonnaise vegetables, nuts, milk, and dairy farm product. Eat significant and heat foods like rice, alimentary paste, and soups.
  • Go to sleep early and have sufficient sleep at nighttime.
  • Try to get an entire body oil massage daily, and if time does not allow then a minimum of massage the foot and head.
  • Use some herbs like ginger, cinnamon, Gotu kola, and cumin.
  • Meditation and yoga are going to be useful for quick recovery.
  • Take bath in cool water and avoid plight baths or showers.
  • Take herbs like succulents, coconut, Shatavari, wood, and mint.
  • Practice purification techniques like Panchakarma.
  • Incorporate heat manufacturing herbs in your food like turmeric, ginger tea, and pepper.

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