Diabetic Neuropathy

A diabetic patient can have diabetic neuropathy which is a kind of nerve damge throughout the body.

*It is nerve damage that is caused due to diabetes. High blood sugar levels in the body .It damage nerves in the feet and legs.
* Peripheral neuropathy-  Damage to the nerves that reach out from the brain and spine to the rest of the body.
* Peripheral neuropathy can cause numbness, tingling, and pain.

*The second most common type of neuropathy is Autonomic neuropathy. The autonomic nervous system controls the automatic system of the body. This system controls many organs and muscles.
* Autonomic neuropathy can cause problems with the digestive system, urinary tract, eyes and sex organs.

*The third and the less known type of neuropathy is Proximal neuropathy, mostly seen in older people with type 2 diabetes affecting the legs, hips, and thighs and usually involves one side of the body.

*The fourth type of neuropathy is called Focal neuropathy, which occurs when a particular nerve or a group of nerves is affected, causing weakness in the affected area.


*High Blood sugar levels
*Damage to the blood vessels due to high cholesterol levels
*Consumption of alcohol
* A mechanical injury caused by carpal tunnel syndrome


*Loss of sense of touch

*Difficulty with coordination while walking
*Pain or numbness

*Vaginal dryness in women
*Erectile dysfunction in men
*Excessively sweating
*Foot ulcers
*Skin infections
* Sensitivity to touch

Some important medicines which can also helps to prevent Diabetic Nephropathy

*Intake of healthy, nutritious food, fresh fruits, & salads.
• Drink plenty of water, homemade fresh juices.
• Do exercise daily for about 30-45 minutes.
• Improve your sleep quality.
• Decrease or avoid the amount of highly spicy, salty, oily, sweet food.
• Decrease the intake of excess tea, coffee, cold drinks, soft drinks, and other carbonated beverages.
• Avoid smoking and alcohol.

How to avoid Diabetic Nephropathy

Ayurveda uses few precious herbs to cure diabetic nephropathy . Ayurveda uses the inherent power of herbs to help in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy  in a natural way .
According to ayurveda , it is believed that the body is controlled by these different energies 
* Kapha
 In our body ,these three energies maintain the balance and helps  to improve our vitality .
 * Inflamation of the nerves
* genetic factors
* Damage to blood vessels & nerves
* Hypertension  induced damage to neurons
* Autoimmune disorder
* Numbness of the body parts
* Nausea
* Difficulty in sleeping
* Sudden weight loss
* speech problem
*weak Appetite

Different types of Stages

*Stage -1
In this stage patient having normal GFR  ,no symptoms  
*Stage -2
Kidney damage with mild decrease in GFR
no specific symptoms
*Stage -3
In this stage ,GFR  decreases
Symptoms -*Severe loss of protein and calcium
*shortness of breath
*Puffiness and water retention
* Back pain
*Stage -4
Severe reduction in GFR
stage 3 symptoms more acute now .
At this stage, GFR less than 15 , Physician advise for dialysis or kidney transplant .Some severe symptoms  blood in urine , acute breathlessness and swelling occur

Some important factors to prevent diabetic nephropathy

* Keep blood pressure in a normal range
* keep blood sugar under control
*Avoid high sugar foods

* Limit protein intake ,too much protein intake will increase the kidney burden and aggravate the kidney damage .
* Avoid high potassium foods such as oranges and banana
* Limit the salt intake ,  because too much salt intake will aggravate hypertension
* Exercise regularly
* Avoid smoking & alcohol  
* Maintain a healthy weight
* Set a dietary plan and follow it
*Consume less salt  less meat and less saturated fats .  

AT AYURVEDA YOGASHRAM , we provide the best herbal treatment for diabetic neuropathy  in a natural way without any side effects. Drugs pacifying Vata and Pitta Dosas are useful in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

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