Panchkarma is a basically a cleansing process that not only treat the disease from root cause but also improves longevity and rejuvenation. It has two poorav karma like Snehan (oilification) and Swedan (fomentation).

  • (A) Snehan :
  • The first step of Panchkarma ,saturates the body with herbal and medicated oils .It consists of two parts: is applied to the perineal/vaginal region.
  • External Oilification :In this medicated oils are vigorously massaged into the body. Sesame oil is the primarily vegetable oil used for external application.
  • Internal Oilification : In this medicated oil are ingested. Herbalized ghee (clarified butter) is the main substance used for internal Oilification.
  • (B) Swedan :
  • In swedan body is made to undergo sudation or sweating by exposure to steam. With herbs added steam the body is made to perspire to loosen and excrete the toxins. Swedan is done locally or full body.


  • 1) Forced vomiting (Vaman) :
  • Vomiting (Vaman) is intended to the removal of “Kapha dosha“. It is not to be adopted for ‘Kapha’s only but necessarily in case of ‘kapha’s” conjunction with one or both ‘Doshas’s. Vaman is essential for in the case of food poisoning or other type of poisoning. Vaman employs certain emetic drugs that induce a severe spell of vomiting to clean the upper gut. Bronchial astma is prevented by periodically inducing ‘Vaman’.
  • 2) Purging (Virechan)
  • Purging is a purifactory treatment as important as emisis or vomiting. ‘Virachan’ concentrates on the lower part of the gut and uses purgatives to clean the bowel. This procedure helps get rid of all three Doshas, though Pitta and Kapha benefit the most. To cure piles, boils, discolouration of face, jaundice, chronic fever, spleen enlargement cataract, intenstinal disorders, ailments of the womb, arthritis, haemothermia, constipation, diabetes, skin diseases, tumors, asthma cough, ailments in the head and many other diseases in the Ayurvedic way, purging is essential.
  • 3) Medical enema (Vasti) :
  • The classical Text ‘Ashtanga Hridaya’ says, “A purge properly carried out leads to clarity of intellect, power to the organs, elemental stability and glow to digestive fire and it delays aging”. Medical enema ‘Vasti’ predominates in the five course of treatment (Panchakrama). This is prescribed for ‘Vata’ dominated patients and helps to overcome all diseases, revives vital force, and rejuvanates body. The rectal lining is very permeable and the drug reaches the circulation directly without passing through liver. Ayurveda offers ‘Vasti’ as a therapy for several indications. These are digestive, evacuative, rejuvanative and health promotive ‘Vastis’. In general ‘Vastis’ tackle ‘Vata dosha’ the best way. The fluid for ‘Vasti’ is either medicinal decoction or herbal oil to suit the ailment. ‘Vasthi’ for the head gives extra ordinary relief for all ailments connected with ‘Vata’ in the head, ear ache, humming in the year, deafness, numbness of the head and all ailments based on the cranical nerves. This procedure is usually done for 7 days.
  • 4) Nasal administration of substances (Nasya) :
  • Nasya’ (Nasal administration of substances) is essential for more or less all the ailments above the neck. This is effective for many diseases like facial paralysis. ‘Nasya’ is of three types, purgative, nourishing and palliative. For each ailment a substance that gives desirable result is selected. By this procedure shoulders, neck and face will become dense and firm, the skin soft. All organs become firm and hair will not gray.