Root vegetables

Carrot fruit juice cures kidney troubles. Radish: Leaves & small-sized roots are efficacious to effect a cure. Onion juice of bulb is beneficial.


Pulp is slightly warmed after crushing and then applied to relieve painful kidney problems. Similarly, seeds of Cucumis melo and Kheera are efficacious in urinary troubles. Watermelon (Tarbuj) fruit juice with kalmisora and sugar placed overnight in a glass tumbler in the moonlit night and taken first in the morning for about 7 days. It is very beneficial


Punarnava, Palak, , Patua sak (Corchorus olitorius L.), Kulfa or Lona Sag, chuka, Ramdana.


Juice & pulp with Kalmisora is very efficacious in relieving kidney and urinary troubles.



Take a banana fruit and 25 ml juice of amla with sugar cures urinary and spleen troubles


Fresh pulp of ripe bel and mix with water, add some milk and sugar to it, drink after straining. This will relieve the retention of urine in no time.


Juice of green fruits 50 g with 20 g honey given 2-3 times during the day cures urinary troubles


Take three raisins and remove their seeds then enclose one black pepper in each of them.

Dry fruits

Pistachio, almonds, and chilgoja are useful to tone up weak kidneys.

Fresh fruits

Mango is beneficial to remove weakness of Kidneys. Fresh pineapple 60 g daily is useful for the cure of KIDNEY.

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