• Boil husky gram in water.
  • Washing and cleansing of the vagina and internal elements with Spatika (alum) water are going to be terribly effective.
  • Shelled tamarind seeds, macerated in milk are extremely efficacious in leucorrhea.
  • Prepare a paste from the pulp of mango and apply it to the duct. this can be one of the foremost effective remedies for treating leucorrhea.
  • Take two to three tsp fenugreek seeds and place them in a very metric capacity unit of water. Boil the simmering for regarding 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour, on a coffee flame. Thereafter, strain the mixture and drink it.
  • Cook some rice in 0.5 liter of water. Once boiled, strain the water and add a tsp of sugar to that. Drink this liquid. it’s helpful for treating leucorrhea.
  • In the one-liter capacity unit of water, place two hundred grams cooky. Boil this stewing till the water reduces to 0.5. Strain the mixture and add sugar to the style. Drink seventy milliliters of this boiling, every three hours.
  • Put some walnut leaves in one liter of water and boil till the mixture is reduced to 0.5. Use it on the affected space, with the assistance of a douche.
  • Soak a tsp of coriander seeds in an exceeding glass of water. Keep this all night and have it, the very first thing within the morning. Repeat this every week.
  • Chewing edible seed once meals are assumed to be cooperative in treating leucorrhea.
  • Put some guava leaves in one liter of water and boil till the assortment is reduced to 0.5. Use it on the exaggerated space, with the assistance of a douche.
  • Rub either the highest or the leaves of Amaranth in an exceeding cup of water. Filter this water and have it twofold on a daily basis.
  • Have a pair of grams of Amalaki powder, with sugar or honey. It is effective in the natural process of leucorrhea

Ayurvedic & Yoga Guidelines

  • Pushyanuga Churna about three grams twice daily with milk, along with 20 ml of Ashokaarishtha, gives good results.
  • Maintain good health fitness condition.
  • complete rest is necessary. Make it easy with Anulom Vilom Pranayam (alternate breathing).
  • Make some necessary alternation in food. Avoid fried, hot, and spicy foods, pickles, maida, and its products. Reduce sugar, fermented foods, mushrooms, pastries, sweets, cheese, puddings, and alcohol. Take plenty of fresh curds.
  • The vaginal area should be cleaned by washing it 1-2 times daily with plenty of water. Make it dry afterward, using your own towels.
  • Always wipe your anus after defecation from the front to back, to prevent infection from stools entering your vagina.
  • Wear clean cotton panties and change out of wet clothes immediately.
  • During your periods, use a good-quality pad instead of tampons.
  • Both you and your partner should wash hands and genitals before and after intercourse.
  • Use a condom for sexual intercourse.
  • Do not scratch, as the fungus may get under your nails and spread.
  • Drink at least 10-15 glasses of water daily and include plenty of green leafy vegetables and salads in your diet.

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