• Exercise every morning.
  • Drink 3 or four cups of ginger root tea per day.
  • Drink lots of warm water.
  • Nasal medication (Nasya) is usually recommended for the interference of seasonal allergies.
  • Do sip boiled warm or hot water concerning every half hour during the day around the amendment of seasons, to help your body purify and to support good digestion.
  • Eat warm food. warm food is way easier to digest than cold food.
  • Yoga asanas, Pranayam and meditation are very equalization to all or any aspects of mind and body and have been employed by many of us to scale back hypersensitivity reaction symptoms.
  • Take 250 metric capacity unit juice, add a hundred metric capacity unit beetroot juice, add a hundred metric capacity unit cucumber juice mix well,have once everyday. This helps cut back aversion and soothes existing allergies.
  • Take one glass lukewarm water.Squeeze ½ lemon in it. Add one tsp honey, Mix well. Drink on an empty stomach.
  • Drinking warm water or seasoner teas throughout the day is beneficial
  • Heavy foods including farm product, deep-fried foods, cold foods, rice, beans and legumes should be avoided.
  • The use of spices, pickles and chilies in cooking should also be decreased .
  • Honey, buggy and seeds can be taken in moderate amount
  • Avoid excessive or physically exacting exercise.
  • Take 5 drops of castor oil down the half a glass of any tree big foods or vegetable juice, or plain water on a void stomach in the morning.
  • queeze half a lime during a glass of lukewarm water and sweeten it with a teaspoon of nectar. Take it once day by day very first thing in the morning for a number of months. It not solely flushes the system of toxins but additionally acts as AN antitoxic and anti-allergic agent.
  • Take five hundred metric capacity unit juice or a combination of juice with beet and cucumber juices. in the case of mixed juices, a hundred metric capacity unit every of beet and cucumber juices should be mixed with 300 metric capacity unit of juice to prepare five hundred metric capacity unit or half a cubic decimeter of mixed juice. Drink it once daily.

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