• Mint leaves paste value-added to juice and afterward connected on the dark circles likewise cures them effectively.
  • Almond oil has been a amount tried answer for dark circles. Apply a couple of drops of oil and rub it round the dark circles. Leave it over night. Rehash the procedure a day till one is cured of the dark circles.
  • Cucumber could be a excellent astringent and skin toner. Grate cucumber in a very kitchen appliance or by hand and squeeze the juice out. Dip 2 cotton balls in it and apply in on the dark circles on the eyes. Leave it for a few time before removing. This not solely relaxes eyes however removes dark circles.
  • Potato rather than cucumber are often taken and therefore the same method are often applied to get rid of dark circles.
  • Lemon juice, orange lentil flour, puree of tomato and turmeric paste once blended and applied on the eyes and are left for quarter of an hour could be a superb remedy for dark circles. It should be washed off once the amount.
  • Drinking of plain beverage concerning fifteen glasses per day is additionally a good remedy.
  • Vegetables and fruits that are fresh and are made in fibrous contents keep the system beyond toxins and therefore stop dark circles beneath the eyes.
  • Cotton balls swayback in perfume and so placed on the eyes and left for a few time will the miracle of solidifying or removing the dark circles.
  • Drink a glass of juice with some mint leaves, juice and salt. Drinking this doubly on a daily basis is another remedy.
  • Prepare a paste of 4 to 5 almonds with some milk. Apply this paste over the affected space and leave for ten to fifteen minutes. This may lighten the skin round the eyes.
  • A mixture of a couple of teaspoons of fresh fruit juice along side a pinch of turmeric powder, once applied on the dark circles often can facilitate clear them.
  • Every night before sleeping, apply creams containing E and C round the eyes.
  • Chemical bleach will injury the beneath eye skin inflicting dark circles therefore one shouldn’t bleach however replace it with some natural face packs that don’t hurt beneath eye skins.
  • Drinking of fruit crush innocent of preservative and in its natural type conjointly helps heal dark circles.
  • Vitamin C and Iron are aforementioned to be the essential food supplements for removing dark circles. De-skinned chicken, pepper of red, yellow and orange selection are excellent for removing the dark circles and therefore enhance beauty.

Dark Circles & Wrinkles Healer Kit

  • Herbal tablets Quantity – 60
  • Herbal tablets Quantity – 60
  • Tablets of Quantity – 60
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