Home Remedies for Eczema

Eczema is a kind of chronic skin problem where inflammation on the outer layer of the skin happens.Some of the home remedies which can we use it at home very easily which is as:

  • Oatmeal can give you instant relief from itching caused by any kind of skin problem. You can regularly take an oatmeal bath to soothe the skin affected from eczema. Grind one to two cups of oatmeal with the help of a grinder or blender. Then add the ground oatmeal in the warm water of a bathtub. Now allow your body to soak in this oatmeal bathwater for fifteen minutes to half an hour. Finally pat dry your skin using a very soft towel to retain the moisture on your skin.
  • Honey is used for different kinds of skin problems including eczema scars. Honey can reduce the eczema scars to a great extent. You can apply honey directly onto the affected skin area after washing the area properly. You can make a scrub of honey and crystallized sugar to scrub the affected area gently for a few minutes. Finally rinse the excess honey from the skin with cold water. Repeat this remedy daily until the scar is healed completely.
  • Lemon juice is also a great eczema scar home remedy. The acidic property of lemon juice acts as a natural antiseptic that can lighten old eczema scars. Take fresh lemon juice and apply it onto the affected area twice daily and leave it for a few minutes. Alternatively you can exfoliate the skin with a mixture made from one part lemon juice and one part sugar. Try to do this remedy before going to bed. Also drink water with lemon juice several times a day to remove the toxins from your system.
  • Regular use of olive oil can also reduce eczema scars to a great extent. Olive oil has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can soften the skin and reduce redness. For treating eczema scars you need to use extra virgin olive oil only. Directly apply extra virgin olive oil onto the scars once a day and leave it for a couple of minutes. Gently massage the oil around the acne scars and finally place a hot washcloth over the area until the cloth becomes totally cool. Finally wipe away the excess oil from the skin with lukewarm water. You can simply apply olive oil twice a day on the affected skin area and massage it with soft hands.
  • Using baking soda can also help in removing the scarred skin. Baking soda can remove the dead cells from the skin without causing itchiness. Take two tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with one tablespoon of water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste onto the eczema scars and massage the area in circular movements for one to two minutes. Wash the area properly with lukewarm water. Soon you will notified that redness and inflammation around the scarred skin has reduced a lot.
  • Aloe Vera is another home cure for eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties available in Aloe Vera which can reduce the irritation. we can directly apply the gel of Aloe Vera to eczema affected areas.You can also make a mixture of Aloe Vera gel to form a thin paste and apply it to the scarred skin. Leave it overnight and then wash it with warm water in the morning. Use this remedy until the scar is treated completely.
  • Cocoa butter is a good natural ingredient to get rid of your eczema scars. Apply pure cocoa butter daily on the scars as a moisturizer. Over time the scars will get lighter and lighter day by day.

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