• Eat a nutritionally balanced diet that contains plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • A balanced diet also provides nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, that may be beneficial for people with trigeminal neuralgia disease.
  • Exercising and doing physical therapy which has benefits for the disease.
  • Eating healthy foods including plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, legumes, poultry, fish, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products.
  • Try to avoid overstress and strain
  • Head Massage Shiro Dhara (hot oil head massage) is also beneficial.
  • Avoid overexertion.
  • One herbal remedy is to grind 10 g of long pepper, 10 g of cochin china Momordica seed, 6 g of Agastache, and 2 g of borneol into a fine powder and inhale every time the pain strikes.
  • Another potent flavoring remedy is 600 g of finely ground ban lan gen (an herb) or woad root. Add this to sixty g fine ground Jiang will or body of sick silkworm. Build pills exploitation 2 powders victimization ten g water. Take 3 times daily with heat water and also the symptoms should be resolved at intervals a month.
  • Natural herbs that are used in treating trigeminal neuralgia are white willow bark, black willow bark, meadowsweet, sweet woodruff, and betony.
  • Drink vegetable juice daily or as often as you can. Real and living foods (raw foods, fruits, and vegetable juice) will help the nerve(s) to repair.
  • Good nervine herbs to take to help repair, nourish, strengthen, and rejuvenate the nerves include Kava Kava, Jatamansi, Lily of the Valley, Valerian Root, Lavender Flower, Passionflower, Scullcap, Catnip, and Blue Vervain to name a few.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia Disease :

The Ayurvedic treatment of Trigeminal neuralgia consists of natural herbs, Ayurveda oils for restoring the imbalance of Vata. Vata is known as the “Air element” as per Ayurvedic principles and the treatment is focused on restoring the balance. The herbs Ashwagandha, Bramhi, Curcumin, and Agnitundi work in a synergistic manner to control the pain and inflammation in the Trigeminal nerve. Ayurvedic herbal medicines also need to be given to improve the microcirculation within the nerve, so that the nerve starts functioning at an optimum level, and abnormal pain sensations are brought down to acceptable levels. Ayurvedic herbal medicines are given which act on the trigeminal nerve and reduce irritability and perception of pain. This helps to gradually reduce the pain experienced by the patient.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Kit

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