The subject of chakras is not going to be an easy one. Many scientists and philosophers are confronted with a great difficulty when it comes to accepting and explaining the existence of the chakras. They do not know whether the chakras are to be found in the physical body or in the subtle body. If they exist in the physical body, where are they? And of course the subtle body is not the matter of modern anatomical science.

Evolution through the Chakras

All life is evolving and man is no exception. Human evolution, the evolution which we are undergoing relentlessly, both as individuals and as a race, is a journey through the different chakras. Mooladhara is the most basic, fundamental chakra from where we commence our evolution, and sahasrara is where our evolution is completed. As we evolve towards sahasrara, outer experiences come our way in life, and inner experiences come to us in meditation, as different capacities and centers awaken progressively within the nervous system. This occurs as energy flows at higher voltages and rates of vibration through the different nadis in the psychic body. Mooladhara is the first center in human incarnation, but it is the highest chakra that animals have the capacity to awaken. It is their sahasrara. The higher chakras beyond mooladhara are not present in the psychic physiology of animals and their nervous systems reflect this relative deficiency.

Discovering your point of evolution

Of course, when the shakti awakens suddenly in mooladhara, it cannot rise immediately. It may wake up and sleep again many times. You know how your children are in the morning; you have to wake them several times because they keep going back to sleep. Kundaiini behaves in the same way. Sometimes it even ascends to swadhisthana or manipura only to return to mooladhara again to sleep. However, once the shakti goes beyond manipura chakra there is no going back. Stagnation in a chakra only occurs when there is an obstruction in sushumna or one of the chakras. Kundalini meditation can remain in one chakra for many years, or even for a whole lifetime.

Sometimes, when kundalini yoga meditation gets blocked in a chakra during transit, you begin to exhibit some of the siddhis or psychic powers associated with that chakra. Then you may not have self-control and understanding of the fact that you are only on the road. When one attains siddhis he is tempted to display them. He may think he is using them for the good of humanity, but this only feeds the ego and clouds him in a thick veil of maya or ignorance, hindering his further progress.

So, before you commence the practices of kundalini yoga mantra, you should try to find out at which point your ascension will actually start. In order to do this, the best method is to concentrate on mooladhara daily for 15 to 30 minutes. Then swadhisthana for 15 days, manipura for 15 days and so on up to sahasrara. You will soon discover your point of evolution.