Technoque 1: (Moola Bandha perineum contraction)

  • Stage 1
  • Sit in siddha/siddha yoni asana smo that pressure is applied to the perineal/vaginal region.
  • Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
  • Be aware of the natural breath for short while.
  • Then focus the awereness on the perineal/vaginal region.
  • Contract this region by pulling up on the muscels of the pelvic floor and then relaxing them.
  • Continue to briefly contract and relax the perineal/vaginal region as rhythmically and evenly hold the contraction.
  • Stage 1
  • Slowly contract this region and hold the contraction.
  • Continue to breathe normally; do not hold the breath.
  • Be totally aware of the physical sensation.
  • Contract only those muscles related to the moola bandha region.
  • In the beginning the anal and urinary sphincters also contract, but as greater awareness and control is developed, this will be minimized and eventually will cease. Ultimately, the practitioner will feel one point of movement against the heel.
  • Relax the muscles slowly and evenly.
  • Adjust the tension in the spinal to help focus on the point of contraction.
  • Repeat 10 times with maximum contraction and total relaxation.



  • The above practice may also be performed with external breath retention.


  • Physical- while taking the final position and performing jalandharabandha, awareness should be directed to the breath. In the final position the awareness should be fixed at the place of perineal contraction.


  • Moola bandha bestows many physical, mantal and spinal benefits. It stimulates the pelvic nerves and tones the uro-genital and excretory systems. Intestinal peristalsis is also stimulated, relieving constipation and piles. It is also stimulated for anal fissures, ulcers, prostatitis, some cases of prostatic hyperthrophy and chronic pelvic infections.