Our treatment thus is consequently tridosha shamak, so when we need to treat the Fibroid of Uterus with the assistance of Ayurveda, it processes grand results. In Hysterectomy, there are numerous complications likewise. So we need to cure this commonly.

Sea Greens

Vegetables that grow under the surface of the ocean contain a wealth of nutritional benefits that may also reduce your uterine fibroids.Sea greens, such as seaweed, contain numerous amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that promote good health, including the health of your uterus. Sea greens contain iodine, a particularly beneficial nutrient that may treat uterine fibroids. Adding sea vegetables to your diet will increase your iodine levels and help shrink your fibroids.


Garlic could be a robust food that enhances the flavour of the many foods. Adding garlic to your diet can also facilitate treat female internal reproductive organ fibroids by operating to shrink them. Garlic is additionally sensible for your system as a result of it contains powerful antioxidants. contemporary garlic has some edges, and Balch adds that garlic supplements is also even more practical if you have got massive fibroids.

Citrus Fruits

Another vital nourishment for treating female internal reproductive organ fibroids is vitamin C. prevailing in fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes, vitamin C could be a powerful inhibitor that supports correct immune perform and should additionally facilitate stop infection. Increasing your intake of vitamin C may additionally contribute to shrinking fibroids. Different foods high in vitamin C embrace bell peppers, strawberries and kiwis.

Orange Fruits and Vegetables

The inhibitor that provides orange fruits and vegetables their spirited color is provitamin A, that becomes vitamin A as your body digests these foods. Vitamin A helps promote healthy tissues and correct tissue repair, which can encourage female internal reproductive organ fibroids to shrink, additionally as heal well. in addition foods made in provitamin A, like sweet potatoes, carrots, orange bell peppers and cantaloupe, will increase your intake of this essential nourishment and should conjointly effectively treat your fibroids.

Ayurveda life Style

Dinacharya (Right Use of Time) to cut back kapha, one should move before sunrise. The sooner the rising time, the faster kapha will metabolise itself. Self-massage with a minimal amount of a light-weight oil like oil will helps to invigorate the body. Exercise and Yoga starting step by step is a lot of ensuing manufacturing. light-weight sweating before10am, followed by a heat shower of plain water helps to burn kapha. A second exercise amount at the top of the afternoon could also be required, relying upon the degree of kapha deposition into artava. Sleeping early enough to awaken early may be a key to reducing kapha.

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