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Ayurvedic Treatment for Low sperm Count

Male infertility

Low spermatozoon Count: Oligospermia means low sperm count. When the count of sperms are less than 20 millions per ml it is known as oligospermia. It is the main reason behind the male infertility.

Azoospermia :Absence of motile sperm in semen is a male fertility issue which many men face.

Teratospermia (abnormal sperm morphology) is an increase of abnormal sperm in a man's sperm.

Besides the count there are some other problems in semen like the sperm cells may be largely sluggish, non active, dead and non motile. The results of all these factors also contribute to the male infertility

Idiopathic Oligospermia refers to semen with low concentration of sperm and is common in male infertility.

Our Ayurvedic Oligospermia healer kit works very nicely for this drawback and it is the best Ayurevdic treatment for low sperm count. Kit means a combination of four types of products which can increase the quantity as well as quality of the sperms. The length of our treatment will vary from four months to six months.

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Causes for Low Sperm Count

  • Stress at work place or in family, strained relationship and physical anxiety will incidentally cause low sperm check.
  • SA few studies have uncovered that massiveness could also be a foundation for low sperm count. Within the event of over weight fat layers droop on testicles and after reduce the standard and check of sperm units.
  • Tight undergarment diminishes the standard and quantity of sperm units.
  • Over effort physically and rationally causes physiological condition.
  • Liquor will hurt sperms.
  • Smoking hinders sperm check, sperm motility, diminishes sperm life. Smoking over twenty smokes on a daily basis has been indicated to minimize each the sperm tally and therefore the sperm motility to a substantial major degree.
  • Sitting for extended periods, diminish sperm check.
  • Hotness will have an adverse impact on typical sperm cell handling. Thus laundry in extraordinarily boiling predicament in addition transforms negative effects.

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Oligospermia Kit

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Benefits of Ayuvedic Oligospermia kit

The outcomes can shift from individual to individual however there will be an effect on the following parameters :

  • The amount of semen expansions.
  • Sperm count likewise goes up.
  • The amount of motile sperms shoots up.
  • The amount of drowsy sperms goes down.
  • The amount of dead sperms additionally descends.
  • Discharge cells in semen investigation goes down.
  • This kit is likewise valuable in raising the nature of semen as it expands the LH-FSH handling basophilic units in the pituitary organ.

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