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Online Consultation & treatment

Diseases can be treated effectively, only if properly diagnosed. We have Ayurveda online consultation facility. For the diagnosis we have to rely on information on your ailments which we gather from your inputs into our structured questionnaire. This information along with other in formations are discussed by our panel of doctors and after diagnosis, a suitable medical treatment is prescribed.

Moreover no two person’s diseases or symptoms can be alike. Therefore medicines have to be specially prepared to treat an individual’s ailment. No single medicine can be a cure for all patients suffering from a particular disease. This is the reason why many patients do not get a relief from an ailment. We give strictly individualistic prescription according to the whole history of the patient.

The slogan of our institute is..

"Swashtya Swashtya Rakshnam Aatursaya Vikar Parshanam Ch"

It means Maintenance of positive health in the healthy and Treatment of ailments in the diseased.

To enable us to make a complete Ayurvedic diagnosis please follow the 3 steps as explains below.

After the receipt of consultation fees and the completed questionnaire, our team of doctors will study your case and you will receive the following consultation through e-mail. Online consultation on Ayurveda is available here.


You may also chat or have a telephone consultation with our doctor after fixing up an appointment by E-Mail

E-Mail Us @ [email protected]

  • Assessment of your health
  • Advice on your personal diet, daily routines, seasonal regimens, prescription of rejuvenating recipes.
  • Diagnosis of your disease or health problem
  • Prescription of appropriate Ayurvedic medicines which we will be couriered to you after receipt of the medicine cost and courier charges.
  • Advice on suitable exercises (yoga postures)
  • Advice on healthier life style
  • While you are under going the treatment, the doctors will be there online to answer any of your doubts and questions with regard to your medication and development of your health condition.

Step One

Kindly pay US 15 $ for consultation. You will be provided a patient ID which you can use in all correspondence.

online consultation

Step Two

You will get complete prescription on your mail address.

Due to heavy rush for Ayurveda online consultation have patience. you will surely get answers.

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