Primary arthritis, osteoarthritis not ensuing from injury or disease, is usually a results of natural aging of the joint. With aging, the water content of the gristle will increase, and therefore the supermolecule makeup of gristle degenerates. Eventually, gristle begins to degenerate by flaking or forming small crevasses. In advanced arthritis, there’s a complete loss of the gristle cushion between the bones of the joints. Repetitive use of the worn joints over the years will irritate and inflame the gristle, inflicting joint pain and swelling. Loss of the gristle cushion causes friction between the bones, resulting in pain and limitation of joint quality. Inflammation of the gristle also can stimulate new bone outgrowths (spurs, additionally mentioned as osteophytes) to create round the joints. Degenerative sometimes will develop in multiple members of an equivalent family, implying a hereditary (genetic) basis for this condition.

Secondary osteoarthritis|arthritis} may be a kind of arthritis that’s caused by another disease or condition. Conditions which will cause secondary embrace embody fat, recurrent trauma or surgery to the joint structures, abnormal joints at birth (congenital abnormalities), gout, diabetes, and alternative internal secretion disorders.

Obesity causes arthritis by increasing the mechanical stress on the joint and thus on the gristle. In fact, next to aging, fat is that the most vital risk issue for degenerative arthritis of the knees. The first development of degenerative arthritis of the knees among weight lifters is believed to be partially because of their high weight. Recurrent trauma to joint tissues (ligaments, bones, and cartilage) is believed to guide to early arthritis of the knees in football players and armed forces military personnel. Interestingly, studies haven’t found associate increased risk of arthritis in long-distance runners.

Crystal deposits within the gristle will cause gristle degeneration and arthritis. Uric acid crystals cause inflammatory disease in gout, whereas metallic element salt crystals cause inflammatory disease in pseudogout.

Some folks are born with abnormally shaped joints (congenital abnormalities) that are susceptible to mechanical wear, inflicting early degeneration and loss of joint gristle. Osteoarthritis of the hip joints is usually associated with structural abnormalities of those joints that had been present since birth.

Hormone disturbances, like polygenic disorder and hormone disorders, also are related to early gristle wear and secondary osteoarthritis.

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