This group of asanas is concerned specifically with stregthening the digestive system. It is excellent for those persons suffering from indigestion, constipation, acidity, excess wind or gas, lack of appetite, diabetes, disorders of the male or female reproductive system and varicose veins.


Throughout the practice become aware of the following:

  • Movement
  • Breathing
  • Mental counting
  • Inter-abdominal pressure
  • The stretch of the muscles

Periodic test

Before starting the practice, the body and mind should be calm and relaxed. This state is best achieved through the practice of shavasana. In addition, a short rest should be taken between each asana, lying in shavasana. One minute or thirty seconds should be sufficient but a more reliable guide is to rest until the breathing returns to normal

No strain

When starting this series, it is not advisable to attrmpt all the practices in one go, especially the ones which involve using boyh legs together. It is better to choose one practice at a time and incorporate that into the previous practice. The Padvrit Asana series requires a great deal of effort and may put a strain on the lower back. Therefore, be aware of physical limitation and strain.


These practices should not be performed by people suffering from high blood pressure, serious heart conditions, back conditions such as sciatica and slipped disc or soon after abdominal surgery. If there is any doubt ,please consult a competent therapist.

Base position

All these asanas are performed from the supine position, that is lying flat on the back with the legs together and straight.

  • This increases the blood circulation in head and memory power is improved.
  • This strengthens the nervous-content of the whole body and maintain the health of endocrine gland.
  • Digestive system is also benefited through this Asana.
  • According to swami Kuvalayanandaji it is beneficial against congested throat, diseases of liver and spleen and in.
  • Those suffering from high blood pressure, running ear or heart disease should not practise it.
  • Those having cough or chronic cold also should not practise it.
  • Persons suffering from constipation should practise it carefully.