Advance Oligospermia Kit


  • Alpha Care

Alpha Care is used to cover all the infections of the kidney and is best for Renal Parenchymal disease.

Packing: 90 Capsule

Dosage:  1 Capsule 3 times in a day

  • Oligo Heal 

Boost up testosterone level and improves reproductive health.

Packing: 120 capsules

Dosage:  2 Capsules 2 times in a day


  • AZ Vigour 

Boost up testosterone level and sexual strength.

Packing: 60 capsules

Dosage: 1-0-1

  • Shakar Vallabh Ras 

It is one the good aphordiasic herb and treat all sexual disorders

Packing: 30 Tablets

Dosage:  1 tablet/day

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we will provide a combination which will cover all points
To increase the count
To increase the volume
To increase the motility
To reduce the pus cells in semen
To reduce the bad heads
To increase the timing
To improve the erection
To decrease the loss of libido
To increase the stamina
To increase the strength
To increase the vigor