1 capsule thrice daily after meals, or as directed by a physician.


90 capsules in a bottle.


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According to Ayurveda: AZ Hepta is an herbal formulation based on ancient science and modern research. The various herbs used in Ayurveda are liver protective, corrective and have regenerating effect on the dead liver cells. These herbs stimulate liver regeneration, have bile purgative (pitta (fire) Virechaka) effects and act as pitta-nashaka [pitta (fire) destroyer] and pitta-shamka [reduces pitta (fire). They have been proved to have special action on viral hepatitis due to antiviral properties. Therefore, by keeping the pitta (fire) in its balanced state and due to their hepato-protective action, all these herbs are capable of dealing with all liver problems.

Foods to Favor:

Pomegranate juice, curd, honey, soup of black and green grams (lentils), sugarcane juice, radish and green fresh vegetables.

Foods to Avoid:

Fried and heavy meals, alcohol, seafood, excessive acidic and salty food, bakery products, mash (kidney seeds), rajmash (kidney beans). Stressful conditions should be avoided.

The liver is important organ to the bowels because it is where old blood, toxins, hormones and waste are broken down and sent to the bowels. Help with PMS, losing weight, skin problems, allergies, or nearly any illness, proper working of your liver is required .The combination of herbs are taken in such a way that they must eliminate the toxic elements present in our body.

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