Ulcerative Colitis Healer Kit


      • GI-Care

      It improves gastric health Improves digestion and appetite.

      Packing : 60 Tablets.

      Dosage : 1-0-1


      • AZ-Hepta

      It is a liver tonic and best in curing all liver diseases

      Packing: 90 Tablets

      Dosage: 1-1-1

      • Amaldoshari

      It is best in liver and spleen diseases and reduces ascitic fluid.

      Packing: 60 Tablets

      Dosage: 1-0-1


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It contains combination of all those herbs that will heal the ulcers in the intestine
There are herbs that reduces inflammation and reduce oxidative stress
It also helps in boosting up immunity and enhances the healing power
It improves digestion and reduces pain and burning sensation
It helps in eradicating the disease from its root and prevent recurrence
It heals intestine and protect it from further complications and bleeding