Sex has continuously been a problem of categorisation. Decline in sexual performance as a result of psychological and physiological reasons are common to each the sex. The factors like stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, ageing, cyclic changes, less secretion production etc increase this drawback.

Decrease in sexual execution as a result of mental and physiological explanations are traditional to each the sex. The elements like anxiety, exhaustion, uneasiness, melancholy, ageing, cyclic progressions, less secretion handling then forth raise this issue. Sex has faithfully been a problem of categorisation. A elementary part of our lives and crucial for the continuation of the species, it’s rather more than solely a specialised would like. whereas social structures in india are terribly strict on this, the investigation of sex – from each its physical and mental views – has been trained here from the good old days. In contrast to within the west, wherever this is often a properly later marvel and that they are nevertheless to uncover the proper line of refinement between sex as a rule and obscenity specifically.

Sex - Secret of Healthy Living :

  • Sex is that the most secure ataractic on the earth. it is ten times a lot of adequate than antidepressants.
  • Sex could be a delightfulness medication. Preliminary scrutinizes discovered that once women mate they handle increased live of endocrine oestrogen, that makes hair and skin gleaming.
  • Sex may be a moment cure for mellow gloom. It discharges form’s endorphins into blood stream, handling a sense of elation and abandoning you with a sense of well being.
  • More preparation of sex hormone eases off the methodology of degeneration of bones, therefore preclusion pathology.
  • Sex cures cerebral pain superior to isobutylphenyl propionic acid as sexual activity discharges strain that chokes veins within the neural structure.
  • Sex serves to reinforce your locomotory framework. All joints and muscles are appropriately practiced and kneaded.
  • Sex is one in all the most effective cures.
  • Sex will enhance one’s future.
  • Sex decreases your potentialities of experiencing unhealthy veins. It promptly gets the blood moving through furthest points.
  • Sex will improve one’s expectancy.

Also sexual message is important as a result of some world wide threats like homosexualism, Bisexuality, AIDS, STD’S, teen-agers maternity and kid sexual assault because of lack of sex education.

Ayurvedic Medicine and treatments for ED & other sexual problem:

  • Practice Yoga and contemplation unremarkably to stay away restlessness, melancholy and stress. Contemplation and Yoga are best anxiety busters.
  •  Do not have the concern of not obtaining exhausting erections or don’t doubt your ability to satisfy your partner. It’ll result in psychological dysfunction.
  • Abstain from operating for extend periods of your time. Get pleasure from a reprieve from traditional commonplace at week closes and invest time together with your supporter.
  • Don’t management characteristic urges. Vacant your bladder before running to pad together with your confederate.
  • Taking ashwagandha because it is robust stress calmer, cools off uneasiness and rasayan provides sexual vigor.
  • Take all steps to avoid acid reflux and stoppage. Symptom and impeding vitiate doshas and cause ailments.

Sexual Strength Kit

  • Cap AZ Vigour Quantity – 60 (1-0-1)
  • Cap Oorja Plus Quantity – 30 1 Capsules/Day
  • Cap Urjafit Quantity – 30 (1 Capsules/Day)
  • Cap Stamina Booster Quantity -60 (1-0-1)
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