Ulcerative Colitis Causes

The exact reason behind the condition is unknown, however researchers believe there are variety of things concerned. These are listed below.

Immune system

  • Some researchers believe a microorganism or infectious agent infection triggers our body’s natural munition against infection, the system.
  • The immune system responds to the infection by inflicting the inflammation related to inflammatory bowel disease, except for some reason the system does not “turn off” once the infection has passed, and continues to cause inflammation.
  • Other scientists assume no infection is concerned and therefore the system simply malfunctions by itself.
  • A leading theory is that the system mistakes “friendly bacteria” found within the colon (which aid digestion) as an infection. therefore it tries to halt the unfold of what it thinks is an infection by inflicting inflammation (swelling) of the colon. Conditions wherever the system attacks healthy tissue are referred to as autoimmune conditions.


  • It appears that genes you inherit play a task in developing inflammatory bowel disease. Studies have shown around one-in-six individuals with inflammatory bowel disease have an in depth relative with the condition. Also, levels of inflammatory bowel disease are plenty higher in sure ethnic teams than in others.
  • Researchers have known many genes that appear to form individuals additional at risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease, though precisely however they are doing this can be still unsure.


Where and the way we tend to live additionally looks to play a task within the development of inflammatory bowel disease. The condition is a lot of common in urban areas in northern elements of Western Europe and America.

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