Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

The most common symptoms of colitis are abdominal pain and bloody diarrhoea. Patients additionally might expertise anemia fatigue weight loss loss of appetency body part hemorrhage loss of body fluids and nutrients skin lesions joint pain growth failure (specifically in children) concerning 1/2 the individuals diagnosed with colitis have delicate symptoms. Others suffer frequent fevers, bloody diarrhoea, nausea, and severe abdominal cramps. inflammatory bowel disease can also cause issues like inflammatory disease, inflammation of the attention, disease, and pathology. It’s not illustrious why these issues occur outside the colon. Scientists assume these complications could also be the results of inflammation triggered by the system. A number of these issues depart once the inflammation is treated.

Ayurvedic point of view

All the reasons that imbalance Pitta are merely responsible for developing Ulcerative Colitis. These include indulgence in too many arguments, eating while watching TV or walking, watching too many violent movies, excessive heat or exposure of the sun, excessive alcohol and smoking, excessive mental activity, skipping meals, spicy, sour or stale and infected foods etc. In Pitta constitution persons, Pitta gets aggravated very quickly with the above factors and patients develop diarrhea followed by bloody diarrhea

Ayurvedic treatments and tips for Colitis

  • Stress free life style and diet style
  • Ulcerative colitis kit.
  • Yoga, meditation and bandh kriya
  • In Panchkarma treatment, wasti therapy is very useful. In this we use the combinations of anuwasan and niruhan wasti
  • A combination of Jatiphal, jeerak and dried bilwa powder is very useful
  • Mulathi powder and shatawari powder combinations are very useful in this case.
  • Amlaki itself is a very good herb
  • Avoid spicy food, vinegar, fried , junk food.

Home Delivery of Colitis Healer Kit

  • Herbal capsules – Quantity – 60
  • Herbal capsules – Quantity – 60
  • Herbal tablets – Quantity – 60
  • Cost = $ 100.00 per month package