This is a traditional posture. It can be viewed as first stage of viparitakarani-sarvangasaba-Halasana.


  • Take supine position with legs together, hands together by the side of the body. Palm resting on the ground.
  • Raise both the legs together slowly up to 30 angel.
  • After a few seconds, raise further up to 45 angel.
  • After a few seconds, raise up to 60 degree angle and maintain it there for few seconds.
  • While returning, stop at 45° or 30° angle.
  • Finally, bring both the legs on the ground.


  • High pressure and stretching is felt on the lower abdomen , hence, practice according to capacity.
  • In the beginning take help of hands to raise the legs.
  • While raising do not bend legs at the knees.


  • This Asana is very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes, constipation, indigestion and nervous weakness
  • People suffering from lumbar spondilitis and muscle pull should not practice it.