Change in Diet & Life style

Spend time every day in self-consideration and that will assist in making quality with which to occupy and increment sexual vigor. Day by day times of contemplation on stresses and feelings will help discharge negative feelings and blockers that may be anticipating vigor from arriving at its full potential.

  • Alcohol consumption and smoking have an effect on the liver and cause a dramatic rise in steroid levels. This ends up in low sperm count.
  • Keep your weight in restraint as weight increase causes secretion imbalances that successively scale back androgen levels in males. Exercise often and keep work.
  • Massaging the body with oil, a method called Abhayanga in writing, will increase blood circulation and spermatozoan count. Abhayanga decreases aging, boosts health and will increase the sexual desire.
  • Avoid prolonged use of laptops, hot baths, tight fitting undergarment, cycling and any activity that may raise pouch temperatures.
  • Reduce stress by meditation and relaxation.
  • Restrict self-abuse and frequent sex, as continual ejaculations scale back the density of the body fluid.
  • Sperm enhancer increases the volume of your ejaculate, both in sperm count and in size of load.
  • Don’t use terribly tight undergarments.



Oysters are usually touted as an aphrodisiac food, or food generating arousal. The key seems there on the content of zinc in oysters. Minerals are necessary for healthy sperm production. Alternative sources are the most source of zinc could be a ginger, benny seeds, and flower seeds.

Vitamin B complex

Men would like B-complex vitamin |water-soluble vitamin} complex to enhance body functions physically and mentally. vitamin B complex and B2 plays a vital role within the production of sex hormones in men. Foods that contain iron and amino acids like spinach, seaweed, flower seeds, egg whites, and poultry Foods that contain immeasurable supermolecule like oysters, goat meat, red meat, turkey meat, wheat, beans, nuts, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds and avocados. Foods that contain androgen, that is nice for sexual stimulation like celery Foods that contain carotenoid, that several found in tomatoes, guava and vino. Foods that contain folacin found in broccoli, asparagus, inexperienced beans, oranges, inexperienced leafy vegetables. inhibitor vitamins C, E and B12 for spermatozoan production element sources like tuna, red meat, poultry meat. correct intake of Water haywire Grains Fruit and Vegetables Increasing the amount of sperm may also be done by increasing the portion of inexperienced vegetables like spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and seaweeds. Spinach contains amino acids, whereas others contain vitamin B complex that additionally have an effect on sperm production.While fruits like tomatoes, watermelon, guava, and vino, have a high enough concentration lycopine. Not solely useful to maximise the assembly of sperm, lycopine additionally smart to fight prostate cancer.In addition to nutrient intake, sperm health are influenced life style. For the sake of amount and quality of sperm to prime then you must do is to avoid stress, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Such unhealthy habits will harm sperm quality. Use panties that are too tight additionally worsen the standard of sperm.


Selenium could be a substance antioxidants. Selenium protects DNA, systema nervosum, and forestall sperm harm. As several as four-hundredth of sperm injury happens attributable to the influence of free radicals. By protective sperm from free radicals, sperm health will be a lot of awake.


  • UDGIT 7-11 TIMES

Yoga Exercise

Apart from yoga meditation, there are a handful of different exercises in yoga which will facilitate increase sperm count in men. Pranayama, that refers to the correct respiration technique in yoga, is believed to be quite effective, in increasing sperm count and techniques like Anuloma Viloma, Bahmari & Kapalbhati, are all elements of Pranayama that are best-known to accelerate the method. A number of the foremost common practices in yoga for an occasional sperm count are:

  • Agnisaar Kriya
  • Ashwani Mudra
  • Bhastrika Pranayam
  • Dhanurasana
  • Halasana
  • Setubandhasana

Apart from making an attempt yoga sperm cell count exercises, it’s quite common for men to use many different natural ways in which to extend their sperm cell count, which incorporates following a healthy diet, eliminating habits like smoking and drinking, tai chi, meditating and exercise. it’s sensible to exercise for sperm cell count increase, as physical activity improves overall health, reduces stress and is sweet for the system. However, it’s vital to confirm that the exercise is moderately, as men who physical exertion until they’re exhausted sometimes show a short lived call the standard of sperm.

Advance Oligospermia Kit

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  • AZ Vigour Capsules – Quantity – 60 (1 Capsule 3 times in a day)
  • Oligo Heal Capsules – Quantity 120 (2 Capsules 2 times in a day)
  • Shakar Vallabh Ras – Quantity 30 (one tablet daily)