In Sanskrit, ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ and ‘nidra’ means ‘sleep’. Yoga nidra is the conscious relaxation of the mind to enable the subconscious to be accessed while in a complete state of rest. This may seem a little complicated, and truth be told, it is. You have to be fully awake in your mind while your body is fully relaxed to such an extent that you drift between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Yoga Nidra Benefits

  • “Yoga Nidra” induces complete relaxation in the mind and body. Many people claim that “Yoga Nidra” is a lot more relaxing than even sleep.
  • This practice can be used to shape the mind and alter our approach to life, thus helping in dealing with depression and anxiety.
  • Many practitioners find the quality of their sleep improving drastically.
  • The mind turns sharper at grasping information and learning becomes much quicker when practicing yoga nidra.
  • This is believed to improve concentration and memory.
  • Diseases such as insomnia, hypertension, migraine, ulcers, digestive disorders, and even asthma can be managed by “Yoga Nidra”.
  • Incorporating this into your daily schedule is also said to relieve pressure from the coronary system.
  • It is considered to be a great stress reliever.
  • It is said to awaken the psyche.

One of the biggest benefits of “Yoga Nidra” is the power it gives you over your own mind. It is possible to influence your mind along a certain path using “Yoga Nidra”. By planting a seed into the subconscious and focusing on that thought while in yoga nidra, it is possible to change your entire personality along a certain line. This is extremely beneficial for people who are looking to change their ways of thinking, looking at new approaches, or simply looking to achieve certain goals.