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Description- This kit contains medicines which cures all types of Skin Problems.It helps to keep a clean colon and supports healthy liver and kidney functions.It is used as a blood purifier.Helps to maintain healthy blood cir...
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Description A combination of ayurvedic herbs which has been used in ayurveda since time immemorial.A Natural Herbal Formula to fight daily stress and healthy nervous system. Why ADHA Healer kit  Helps to support person’s natur...
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Description -  Cancer is one of the deadliest disease and is majorly affecting lives of many people who are suffering from this disease. Allopathy medication chemotherapy and radiotherapy has various side effects and also low...
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Benefits:-  we will provide a combination that will cover all points To increase the count To increase the volume To increase the motility To reduce the pus cells in semen To reduce the bad heads To increase the timing To...
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Description  A special herbal product for natural calcium supply maintains the density and strength of the bones. It is also best for osteoporosis and osteopenia.   Why AG Cal DS   It provides natural calcium and vitamin C ...
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Description- Treats dry skin based allergies and winter skin allergies. Increases tolerance to all allergans. Fights against toxic meterial (AMA). Best for eczema, psoriasis and posterior nasal discharge. Acts as a detoxifyin...
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Alpha Care is more enhanced and named Alpha Heal  now Alpha Heal is herbal treatment for all types of UTI. In any problem of urinary tract infection, Alpha Heal is the ayurvedic best treatment for this. This product is also ver...
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Description- Amaldoshari is a herbal medicine for GERD, Hyperacidity, Peptic Ulcer, Gastritis, Gastric Ulcer, and Stomatitis, and Suppress elevated pitta.   Why Amaldohari It acts as an antacid, carminative, and appetizer th...
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Description- Amaldoshari is a herbal medicine for Gerd ,Hyperacidity,Peptic Ulcer,Gastritis,Gastric Ulcer,Stomatitis,Suppress the elevated pitta. Why Amaldohari Plus- It acts as an antacid, carminative and appetiser that gi...
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Description This kit contains two products alpha heal and reno liv which have herbs that are useful in liver and blood related problems . These herbs are immunomodulator herbs and in Ayurvedic terminology, they are rasayanas re...
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Description- Angina pectoris is a medical term that signifies pain or discomfort in the chest due to coronary heart disease. Angina or Angina pectoris is often characterized by squeezing, heaviness, tightness, or pain and p...
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Description The term “ANKYLO” mean stiffening and “Spondylitis” means inflammation in the vertebral joints.Ankylosing spondylitis is an auto-immune (Our own immune system attacking the body) chronic inflammatory condition (Infl...
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