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Ayurvedic Massages

The Ayurvedic massages help us to activate our internal resources.
The skin is an abundant source of anti ageing hormones that the
touch will release. Above all, the skin protects, nourishes...


Shir means Head, and Dhara means to pour. That means to pour something
on head especially on the third eye. It may be anything liquid as described
in our old Ayurvedic texts. So Shirodhara means...

Patrapinda Sveda

Application of the heat and there by inducing perspiration by using
heated pack of specific herbal leave is known as Patrapinda sveda.
The procedure any part of the shashika shali panda sveda. Following...

Nasya - Karma

Administration of the medicines through nasal route is known as nasya.
As this is the nearest root, the diseases related to head is best treated
by this procedure. Shirovirechana, shirovireka and...

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