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Polycystic Ovarian syndrome or disorder, a common complex and heterogeneous endocrine disorder with its myriad of acute and long term complications affects 5-10% of women in the reproductive age group.

PCOD Causes :

While the exact cause of Pcod is not known ,doctors believes that the hormonal imbalance and genetics plays a role.women are more likely to have Pcos.the ovaries of women with pcos frequently contain a no. of small cysts,hence the name poly=many cysts ovarian syndrome.other contributing factors in the development of pcos includes hormonal abnormality, low level of chronic inflammation in the body and fetal exposure to male hormones.

Pcos and pregnancy

When a women have pcos,it changes hormonal pathways in your body that produce eggs and prepare the uterus for pregnancy.the three important reasons why becoming pregnant or staying pregnant may be more challenging for women with pcos are:

  • Women with pcos often do not ovulate.
  • Women with pcos tend to have irregular periods rather than normal predictable monthly cycles.
  • When and if an egg is released ,the endometrium(lining of the uterus) may not be sufficiently prepared to sustain pregnancy.

Symptoms :

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) symptoms have a tendency to begin progressively. Regularly, hormone changes that accelerate PCOS begin in the early youngsters, after the first menstrual period. Indications may be particularly discernible after a weight gain.To Know More Click Here

Home Remedies for PCOD :

Regular herbs, for example aloe vera, basil, mango tree bark, Vitex, Gymnema, Licorice, red raspberry and spearmint tea could be added to your day by day count calories as a type of home remedies for PCOS or they might additionally be devoured in tablet form.

Tulsi for PCOD :

Tulsi could be a terribly wide full-grown plant in Asian country. It is same to possess divine healing qualities and is thus grownup in households with deep reverence. It is glorious to possess sensible anti-androgenic effects in androgen-sensitive tissues. It can direct insulin levels and assist with switching weight. It has compelling against oxidants and has a rejuvenation impact on tissues. It is an adaptogen and decreases gives stress help.

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Treatment Tips

Treatment For PCOD

  • Yoga under the guidance of Yoga expert.
  • Try to reduce the glucose rich food intake.
  • Take minimum of 8 to 10 glass of caffeine free fluid per day.
  • Weight Management should be there by any natural measures.
  • Low calorie, low fat and high fiber diet.
  • Not to take high saturated fat content diet.

Panchkarma & Yoga for PCOD :

A portion of the Panchkarma helps which are convenient for curing PCOD are :

  • Uttara Vasti
  • Urdvartana

PCOS Diet Tips :

Generally, an eating regimen that is low in carbohydrates will help most overweight PCOS patients get thinner and bring down their bmi (body mass index). While 50 to 60 percent of ladies who are diagnosed with PCOS are obese, medical research has demonstrated that decreasing PCOS patients form weight by 5 percent can decrease insulin levels, manage menstrual cycles, and enhance skin. On the other hand, the high insulin levels created by PCOS make it more troublesome for PCOS patients to get thinner particularly with normal low-fat, high carbohydrate weight reduction consumes less calories.

Ayurveda and PCOS :

  • Uses of herbs like Ashwgandha, Shatavari, Aloe vera, Amalki, Kauncha, Vidarikand, Ashoka with the opinion of Ayurveda expert.
  • Insulin resistance can be checked with the help of basil, Fenugreek, Neem and Tulsi. One could also resort to cinnamon powder for managing insulin resistance.
  • Using of Primrose oil is also very useful.
  • Usage of castor oil is also very important.

Ayurveda PCOS kit :

For the complete treatment of PCOS we also have developed a herbal kit for this, in which we have added all the needed herbs for the natural treatment of PCOD. We also send a complete Yoga chart and Diet plan with the kit.

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Description- Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is a common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age whose ovaries p...
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