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Liver is one of the very essential organ , that plays important role in our body , it detoxifies toxins and metabolize the drugs , also make proteins , vitamins which are essential for the body , it produces bile which is important in the digestion of fats and also has many more other functions . so any damage to liver can affect all the functioning of liver which can lead to various diseases.

Fatty liver is one of the common problem now a days ,it is the accumulation of extra fat in the liver due to sedentary lifestyle and wrong dietary habits of people . Depending upon the cause and amount of accumulation ,fatty changes could be from mild to severe .if the fatty liver is mild then damage to liver cell is not much and this stage is reversible whereas in case of severe fat in the liver it can seriously affect functioning of liver cells and can damage the liver causing irreversible change and cirrohosis of liver .

It is a myth that fatty liver can only occur in alcoholic people but it is not so, it can also affect the non-alcoholic people .

In case of alcoholic people , fatty liver condition is known as Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD) and fatty liver in non alcoholic is called as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).


Fatty Liver Causes :


CAUSES IN AFLD (Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease ) – alcohol is toxic to the liver and increases the accumulation of fat when taken in heavy doses. It can cause serious damage to the liver cells if its consumption is not stopped but is preventable if it is stopped on time.

CAUSES IN NAFLD(Non –Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease ) – it is further of two types –

  • Simple fatty liver – when there is no damage to the liver cell then the condition is called as simple fatty liver .
  • Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) – this one is the serious condition due to inflammation of liver cells and this condition can lead to liver cirrhosis , liver cancer like deadly disease.

Factors responsible for such conditions are -:

  • ge factor – old age is common but nowadays all ages are affected.
  • Eating junk foods in excess
  • Excess of oily food items
  • High cholesterol and triglyceride levels in blood
  • High blood sugar
  • High BP
  • Pcod ( polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Not doing exercise
  • Malnutrition
  • Anaemia
  • Due to other chronic illness
  • Also occurs during pregnancy


It is usually asymptomatic but represents few of the symptoms like–

  • Loss of appetite
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of weight
  • Nausea
  • Jaundice
  • Mild pain and discomfort in right upper abdomen
  • Constipation
  • Menstrual problems
  • Deficiency of vitamins
  • Disturbed lipid levels in blood
  • Itchy skin due to bile acids accumulation in blood .


  • First grade of fatty liver – it is when the fat accumulation in liver is not so high and there is no inflammation . and this condition is reversible by correcting life style and food habits.
  • Second grade of fatty liver – in this stage fat accumulation is little more on the higher side and there is mild inflammation and liver fibroses . this condition is also reversible can be treated by changing life style and food habits along with medication.
  • Third grade fatty liver – this stage is dangerous as fat accumulation is very high that can cause severe cell damage and can cause irreversible condition . it can further lead to liver cirrhosis


According to ayurveda liver is called as yakrut .it is also called as piitaashya , it is believd to be sthan pitta dosha and also sthana(place) for agni (digestive fire ) . this agni helps in digestion of food and formation of all seven important dhatus . Seven dhatus are –

  • Rasa
  • Rakta
  • Mamsa
  • Meda
  • Asthi
  • Majja
  • Shukra

These all dhtaus are important for maintaince of healthy body .

Fatty liver is categorized under yakrut roga (liver disease) as ykrutodra and also under medoroga .

Causes as per ayurveda

  • Due to excess intake of madya (alchol)
  • Excessive intake of salty , sour and spicy food which increases pitta dohsa .
  • Intake of guru ahara (oily and heavy food items) inceases kapha causing agnimandya ( lowering digestive fire action )
  • Sleeping during day times
  • Not doing exercise

These all factors vitiate kapha and pitta dosha . where kapha dosha is responsible for agnimandya , increase in meda dhatu and obstructs the channels whereas pitta dosha is vitiated because there is no rakta formation .


  • Avoid oily and heavy foods
  • Avoid junk food items
  • Do regular exercise and manage weight
  • Include fruits like apple, bananas , cherries , oranges etc
  • Eat vegetables like carrot , broccoli , cucumber , tomatoes .
  • Avoid excess sugar like cakes , pastries , ice creams , soft drinks , etc.
  • Drink more liquid , coconut water .
  • Avoid using painkillers that are toxic to liver like paracetmol


Ayurvedic treatment is found to be very effective in patients suffering from liver diseases and has better results than other allopathic medicines .


  • KUTKI –it is popular as a liver tonic , due to its really good results in liver disorders . it lowers fat content in the liver and also has anti-inflmmatory property because of its compound called apocynin. It increases digestive fire and treat other pittaj related disorders .
  • BHUMI AAMLA –it has liver protecting properties . anti-inflammatory action prevent inflammation of liver . increases appetite due to its deepan (ignite digestive fire ) property . balances kapha and pitta dosha .
  • KAALMEGH –it is having deepan property and removes toxins from body works as detoxifier. Maintain liver enzyme functions , reduces inflammation . Balances pitta dosha.
  • GUDUCHI (giloy) – it is known to be very effective drug for humans as it is having anti-viral property works great in hepatitis , anti –inflammatory , rich in anti-oxidants , helps in removal of toxins from body , also maintains liver enzyme functioning.
  • TRIPHALA – it is a combination of three drugs aamla , bhibhitak , hariktaki and is one of the very effective drug in treating fatty liver as it maintains enzymatic actions of liver , reduces high bad cholesterol levels in blood and having very good anti –inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It works as mild laxative as liver disorders are pitt dosha related disorders and to balance pitta dosha virechan .
  • BHRINGRAJ –it also possess anti-inflmmatory and detoxifying action , rejuvenate liver cells .
  • PITT PAPRA – it is also effective in pitta disorders and so used in liver disorders. Due to cold potency it prevents bleeding disorders . and external paste of it can relieve from the itching and burning sensation.
  • GINGER- it helps in lowering fat in fatty liver and enhances the action of liver enzymes . It has deepan and pachan (digestive stimulant ) property so increases appetite. It lowers high cholesterol levels in blood Helps in detoxification and prevent inflammation.
  • CHITRAK –it is one of the effective herb used in liver failure due to its high rejuvenating property . it is also found be really effective in treating all grade fatty liver as it reduces fat. it is too having deepan and pachan property increases power digestive fire and other liver functions.

All these drugs mentioned above are very effective in treating fatty liver also maintains good liver health and are available in different formulations . We also provide two products that is AZ-Hepta and detoxify for the treatment of fatty liver giving us great results . These two product is a combination of all the drugs mentioned above and other important drugs as well . For more imformation

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Description- Liver is one of the very essential organ , that plays important role in our body , it detoxifies toxins and meta...
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