Herpes Ayurvedic Treatment

HERPES Ayurvedic Treatment, Symptoms, Diet

Herpes is one of the viral infections, there are two types of the herpes virus that is herpes simplex virus and herpes zoster virus. herpes simplex virus is one of the common and very contagious and usual diseases by this virus is called herpes disease whereas, herpes zoster virus comes under varicella-zoster virus which is responsible for chickenpox and this herpes zoster results from reactivation of the latent varicella-zoster virus, so in case of herpes zoster, there will be a history of chickenpox.it is characterized by unilateral (on one side of the body ) vesicular eruption with severe pain.
Now coming on to herpes disease which is caused by herpes simplex virus, herpes simplex virus produce a variety of infection affecting skin mucosal surfaces and genital areas, also there is the involvement of the central nervous system.

Types Of HERPES:

There are two types of herpes simplex virus

1. HSV1- it mainly causes blisters on skin, lips, oral mucosa.
Occurs in early childhood

2. HSV2 – it causes blisters in genitalia like in cervix, vagina, etc.
Occurs in ages 14-29



It is a highly contagious virus and can be transmitted from one person to another through direct contact even when the infected person is asymptomatic.

HSV1 causes:

it is transmitted through oral secretions and ulcers on the skin

by direct skin to skin contact with an infected person like touching someone’s cheeks

by kissing

by sharing the same utensils

by using objects like a razor, lipsticks, balms of an infected person

by weak immunity

By any kind of skin injury and then skin contact with an infected person


Other viral illness

Exposure to ultra-violet rays

HSV2 causes:

it is transmitted sexually during unprotected sex

having multiple sex partners

weakened immunity due to AIDS

triggered by menstruation

any kind of injury


it also spreads to the child, if the mother is infected by herpes and has genital sores then at the time of delivery the infection passes on to the child.


Initially, the person infected by herpes is asymptomatic and during that phase, the infected person can spread the disease to other people. After 4-5 days symptoms appears

HSV1: fever and enlarged lymph nodes painful blisters on the skin

Fluid-filled blisters on oral mucosa inflammation of gums mucosa called gingivostomatitis

pharyngitis that is inflammation of the pharynx

sore throat ulcers on fingers and nails are also affected very painful and itchy.

painful blisters and crust formation on lips

in severe cases, it can involve symptoms of the central nervous system

if affected facial nerve which is supplying our face then it can cause facial paralysis

not the whole face but the side where the lesion has occurred

can also affect the eyes cause conjunctivitis, gritty feeling in the eyes, sharp pain, and photophobia

painful ulceration in genitalia in the cervix, vaginal mucosa of females, and penis in males.

a cluster of vesicles on buttocks, genitalia , premium

fever and malaise

painful urination


tenderness in groins

purulent vaginal discharge in females and penile discharge in males

burning sensation in the genital area

pricking pain in the genital area

in severe conditions can cause meningitis, and symptoms appear like headache, irritability, nausea, confusion, loss of appetite.

Sign and Symptoms Fir New Born Baby

Infection when spreads to a newborn baby from mother at the time of delivery then the sign and symptoms in a baby are the appearance of blisters on the skin, mucous membrane, and eye after 1-2 weeks of delivery. Irritability Lethargy fever Seizures can also occur if there is the involvement of the virus in the brain this usually occurs after 2-3 weeks of delivery Other complications to a child if untreated is sepsis and organ failure 


According to Ayurveda point of view, it is believed that our body is having three doshas that are

Vata, pitta, Kapha dosha

The balanced state of these three doshas is very important for a healthy being and vitiation of any of these dosha can cause various diseases.
Now in the case of herpes, it can be correlated with the description of visarga roga in Ayurveda means a disease that spreads all over the body.
It is believed that visarga rog occurs due to the vitiation of all three dosha.
It is having seven dhushya means seven things are affected here that are basically

Vata dosha
Pitta dosha
Kapha dosha
rakta (blood)
Lasika (lymph)

twacha (skin)
mamsa ( mucosa )



Excessive intake of salt, hot, sour food items like achaar, spices like lahsun . Intake of khatta dahi in excess Alcohol 
Eating pulses like kultha , mash in exces. Due to injury. Exposure to sun 


it varies according to the dominant dosha
Vataj – anorexia, dizziness, pricking pain, colic pain, tremors, pain in bones, cloudiness of eyes, instantaneous blister formation with excessive pain ,.
Pitta – fever, thirst, excessive burning sensation, giddiness, burning sensation while urination, blisters are filled with purulent fluid. Get suppurated very quickly.
Kapha – heaviness, laziness, anorexia, weakness, numbness, less pain, blisters fluid is thick, blisters stay for a long time.
In some cases, there are mixed symptoms according to dosha predominance.

Home remedies for herpes

Abstaining sexual intercourse with an infected person
Not sharing the same objects with an infected person
Avoid taking excessive salt and spices 
Avoid achaar (pickles )

Avoid sun exposure for a long time
avoid alcohol
focus on a good diet that consumes broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, etc.
include barley , gram , wheat in diet also

cold compression to reduce swelling 
Apply ghee on the ulcers
Gargles can also be done using ghee
Sitz bath in tub can relieve pain and itching


Ayurvedic treatment of herpes

Fasting (langhan) – it is a procedure in which a person either completely avoids food or eats very little food. depending on the procedure.
Reason behind it is to treat amaj condition ( when food is not digested properly ) and this will help in recovering from fever
Raktmokshan (blood letting )
All these to remove toxins from the body

Other treatments are –
Lepa (paste) – herbal paste is applied on the affected area externally few examples of formulation of leap are saarivadi leap , manjistha , chandan lepa , lodhra ,agru lepa ,
he is also having soothing and healing properties and can be applied to external 
kawal dharan can be done using ghee or medicinal herb for treating mouth ulcers


Some Herbal drugs like

Yashtimadhu – – it is having anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
Haridra – its is an anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, and helps in detoxifying also promotes healing.
Haritaki – it is rich in antioxidants and provide immunity to the body, found effective against HSV 
Neem – has blood purifying property
Arjuna – there is one component in the Arjun plant that is casuarinin, which is having anti-viral properties and is found to be effective against HSV.
Ashwagandha –it is known as Withania somnifera which contains an oiled, has anti-viral properties, and is effective in HSV.

Bhumi amla – it is also found to be effective in herpes due to anti-viral properties especially against HSV2
Chirayata – its extract also exhibit anti-viral property and is found effective against HSV1
Manjistha – it gives relief from blister pains and fever.
Chandan – also exhibits anti-viral property that inhibits HSV1.

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