Men Infertility


Everybody want that he or she should play with their kids, but some time the results are not same. The infertilty problem is there and our whole life become aimless. Reasons can be many like male infertilty, female infertility or idiopathic that means infertlity without any specific reason

What is Infertility

Infertilty means unability to concieve after a six months unprotected pahysical relationship between the partners.

What we can do

In these types of cases Ayurveda Yogashram has a very unique concept. We first see the reports of both the patients.

In men there may be problems like low sperm count, less seman motality, pus cells in seman, abnormal heads of sperms cells

In females there may be problems like PCOD, irregular periods, presecnce of bacterias, unhealthy growth of egs.

So we provide three types of kits.Treatment of male and female infertilty is done with Ayurveda Yogashram. Kits means a combinations of herbal products or supplements which are meant to cure thye root cause of the problem. The kits are like

  • Men infertility healer kit
  • Female infertility healer kit
  • Couple infertility healer kit