Muscular Dystrophy Ayurvedic Treatment

Definition: Muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. In muscular dystrophy, abnormal genes (mutations) interfere with the production of proteins needed to form healthy muscle. There are many different kinds of muscular dystrophy. Symptoms of the most common variety begin in childhood, primarily in boys. Other types don’t surface until adulthood. Some people who have muscular dystrophy will eventually lose the ability to walk. Some may have trouble breathing or swallowing.


Specific signs and symptoms begin at different ages and in different muscle groups, depending on the type of muscular dystrophy.


  • Frequent falls
  • Difficulty getting up from a lying or sitting position
  • Trouble running and jumping
  • Waddling gait
  • Walking on the toes
  • Large calf muscles
  • Muscle pain and stiffness
  • Learning disabilities

Other types of muscular dystrophy:

Some types of muscular dystrophy are defined by a specific feature or by where in the body symptoms first begin. Examples include

  • Myotonic: Myotonic muscular dystrophy is the most common form of adult-onset muscular dystrophy. Facial and neck muscles are usually the first to be affected.
  • Facioscapulohumeral(FSHD): The shoulder blades might stick out like wings when a person with FSHD raises his or her arms. Onset usually occurs in the teenage years but may begin in childhood or as late as age 40.
  • Congenital: Some forms progress slowly and cause only mild disability, while others progress rapidly and cause severe impairment.
  • Limb-girdle: This type of muscular dystrophy may have difficulty lifting the front part of the foot and so may trip frequently.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Muscular Dystrophies

  • Lifestyle recommendation for Muscular Dystrophy
  • Drink plenty of water in your daily routine at least 8-10 glass of water daily.It helps you to drive out the toxins outside the body
  • Regular practice of meditation and deep breathing exercise improves the use of oxygen at the cellular level, particularly in muscle tissue.
  • It also gives you inner strength to fight against problems.
  • Keep away from smoking it increase your respiratory problems

Yoga for Muscular Dystrophy

  • Bhujangasana
  • Gomukhasana
  • Padhastasana
  • Pawanmuktasana
  • Parvatasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Padmasana
  • Virbhadrasana
  • Virasana

Natural Remedies for Muscular Dystrophy(Myotonia Dystrophica)

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a natural substance full of vitamins and minerals. When taken as a daily tonic, apple cider vinegar delivers crucial nutrients to the body that support muscle development. Apple cider vinegar also works to alkalize the body, eliminating any toxins and balancing acids adversely affecting the body.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is another alkalizing substance that can be used in conjunction with apple cider vinegar. The natural oxidizing properties of baking soda feed the muscles and help remove aches and pains. Baking soda also serves as a detoxification substance.
  • Low Dose Naltrexone: A relatively new therapy, naltrexone has been identified as an effective immune disorder treatment. The substance activates the body’s natural defenses and reverses adverse effects of the immune system. As such, naltrexone helps control the progression of muscular dystrophy.

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Description- Muscular dystrophies are a group of genetic diseases categorized by progressive weakness and deterioration of th...
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