Male infertility Low spermatozoon Count : Low sperm count may be a drawback wherever the standard and amount of sperm and/or seminal fluid suffers. The results of this disorder is male infertility. Our Ayurvedic medical care works splendidly during this drawback. The entire period of treatment, the spermatozoan count is fixed to traditional levels and therefore the probabilities of getting a difficulty is greatly increased.

Azoospermia (absence of motile sperm in semen) is a male fertility issue many men face..

Teratospermia (abnormal sperm morphology) is an increase of abnormal sperm in a man’s sperm.

Oligospermia or low sperm count could be a drawback wherever the standard of gamete is low and amount of sperm is a smaller amount than twenty million per millilitre. The sperm cells are largely sluggish, non active, dead and non motile. The results of this disorder is thought as male infertility.

Idiopathic Oligospermia refers to semen with low concentration of sperm and is common in male infertility.

Our Ayurvedic medical care works splendidly during this drawback. For the treatment of low sperm count with Ayurveda, our oligospermia heabeneler kit came out to ve very useful. Kit means a combination of four types of products which can increase the quantity as well as the quality of the sperms. The length of our treatment will vary from four months to six months.

Causes for Low Sperm Count :

  • Stress at work place or in family, strained relationship and physical anxiety will incidentally cause low sperm check.
  • SA few studies have uncovered that massiveness could also be a foundation for low sperm count. Within the event of over weight fat layers droop on testicles and after reduce the standard and check of sperm units.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Tips for Low Sperm Count:

  • Eating regimen that is low in fat, and high in protein, vegetables, and entire grains is useful for your health and for your sperm.
  • Wear detached, cotton boxer shorts, Avoid hot showers and saunas.
  • The increasingly times you discharge, the less thick your semen will be. Support a hole of 3 days between two successive discharges.
  • Lose any abundance weight, which has a tendency to reason testosterone/estrogen awkward nature.
  • Abstain from propensities like smoking, liquor utilization and so forth. Indeed, two beverages a day will have enduring impacts on sperm generation.
  • Since fruitlessness and life by and large might be stressful, figure out how to unwind with Yoga & Meditation.
  • Lessening the recurrence of your jerking off sessions will additionally help you build sperm count.
  • Quit bad unhealthy habits.

Benefits of Ayuvedic Oligospermia Healer kit Treatment:

The Ayurvedic medication for low sperm (Oligospermia) can help you to see the change in your semen report in a time span of 3 to 4 months. In this kit we furnish a combination of four products. The principle parts are natural concentrates of the essential herbs. Our Oligospermia unit serves to fortify male charisma. It reinforces male conceptive framework. It helps in male fruitlessness.It Assists men with erection, can help delay discharge, enhance original thickness, restore certainty and furnish acceptable charisma. This kit begin its working in only 45 days just and you can see the constructive bring about Oligospermia in 45 days. The outcomes can shift from individual to individual however there will be an effect on the following parameters :

  • The amount of semen expansions.
  • Sperm count likewise goes up.
  • The amount of motile sperms shoots up.
  • The amount of drowsy sperms goes down.
  • The amount of dead sperms additionally descends.
  • Discharge cells in semen investigation goes down.
  • This kit is likewise valuable in raising the nature of semen as it expands the LH-FSH handling basophilic units in the pituitary organ.

Our testimonials regarding Oligospermia :

  • Rajesh Kumar – (name changed ) My sperm count was just 20 % and I had lost all hope for kid but when I consulted the team of Ayurvedayogashram and taken treatment for 4 months ; I blessed with a son and now I am father of one son and one daughter

Yoga Exercise For Low Sperm Count :

ASHWANI MUDRA: Sit comfortably in Padmasana or Sukhasana , back straight and eyes closed. Breathe normally. Pull your anus and lower abdominal muscles up and relax. Focus on the muscles contracting and relaxing. Repeat this motion 200 times in two set with 100 repeats each.

Home Remedies For Low Sperm Count :

Celery is also used as an excellent home remedy to increase sperm count. Celery contains androsterone, which increases the sperm count and sperm health. Celery is also beneficial in sexual dysfunctions related. 

Way to increase Low Sperm Count :

Liquor utilization and smoking influence the liver and make a memorable ascent in oestrogen levels. This brings about low sperm count.





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