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Kidney Stones

A excretory organ stone will type once substances like atomic number 20, oxalate, cystine, or acid area unit at high levels within the piss. excretory organ Stones may also type if these substances area unit at traditional levels. The substances type crystals, that become anchored within the excretory organ and step by step increase in size, forming a nephrolith. Typically, the stone can move through the tract and is passed out of the body within the piss. A stone could cause pain if it becomes stuck and blocks the flow of piss. giant stones don’t forever expire their own and generally need a procedure or surgery to get rid of them.

Kidney stones (Renal lithiasis) area unit little, exhausting deposits that type within your kidneys. excretory organ stones area unit product of mineral and acid salts. excretory organ stones have several causes. excretory organ stones type once the piss becomes focused, permitting minerals to crystallize and remain. Passing excretory organ stones are often painful. The pain of a nephrolith usually starts in your aspect or back, slightly below your ribs, and moves to your lower abdomen and groin. The pain could modification because the nephrolith moves through your tract. excretory organ stones typically cause no permanent harm. aside from pain medication and drinking variant water, treatment is usually needless. However, treatment could facilitate stop continual excretory organ stones in folks with hyperbolic risk.

Renal calculi area unit stones within the kidneys or ureters that are shaped by precipitation from a substance within the piss. though their composition is usually because of a selected cause, within the majority of cases there’s no identifiable underlying cause. as a result of focused minerals within the piss will crystallize and type exhausting stones, particularly once there’s meagerly fluid within the tract, gentle chronic dehydration could play a neighborhood in stone formation. around seventieth of excretory organ and ureteral stones area unit composed in the main of atomic number 20 salt and/or phosphate. salt is of course gift within the piss as associate outcome of body metabolism. Higher levels of salt within the piss could also be the results of a diet high in acid (rhubarb, foliolate vegetables, coffee). once combined with atomic number 20, salt forms a salt that dissolves poorly. Therefore, associate abnormally high level of salt within the piss encourages stone formation.

The kidney stone is a common disease which is affecting human being since long. In this disease which is affecting human being since long. In this disease, sediment deposits in calyces and pelvis are main manifestations. Sometimes, these stones pass and find within the ureter or the bladder. Most of the stones are formed due to the deposition of calcium oxalate. More than the 90% of the urinary oxalate is of endogenous origin, because oxalate is very poorly absorbed in the intestine. When the concentration of calcium oxalate in the blood raises beyond threshold, it starts crystallization in kidney leading to the formation of a stone and the process is called as urolithiasis. Till today, there is no satisfactory remedy for urolithiasis. Therefore, usually surgery is recommended in modern medicine to remove the stone physically. However, the recurrence of urolithiasis commonly occurs during the later period of life.

In Ayurveda, many drugs have been described for treatment of all types of kidney stones (Shastri, 1981: Gopinath). Therefore, for the present study, Punarnavasav and varunadi kwath have been selected, since these drugs are commonly recommended by the Ayurvedic physician for the treatment of kidney stone patients.

Symptoms vary consistent with the positioning and size of the stone. little stones within the excretory organ could cause no symptoms till they begin to pass down the channel. The ensuing pain (renal colic) is acute, sharp, and intermittent. beginning within the flank, the pain moves toward the groin. The pain could also be thus severe that it causes nausea and inborn reflex. Blood could also be noted within the piss (hematuria).

Renal Stones Causes :

The key process in the development of kidney stones is super saturation.

Renal Stones Symptoms :

Symptoms vary according to the location and size of the stone. little stones within the excretory organ might cause no symptoms until they begin to pass down the ureter. The resulting pain (renal colic) is acute, sharp, and intermittent. beginning within the flank, the pain moves toward the groin. The pain may be so severe that it causes nausea and vomit. Blood may be noted within the weewee (hematuria).

Renal Stones Home Remedies Tips :

Drink eight glasses of water a day. Actually, the scientific proof indicates that the benefits of drinking water kick in at concerning 5 glasses every day, but if you’ve got kidney stones associated you’re not presently having an attack, it’s always best to drink as much water as you can.

Ayurvedic treatments and tips for Renal Stone :

  • Make one cup of juice created with radish leaves to be drank twofold daily.
  • Every morning drink one glass of contemporary juice with a touch of salt and pepper for flavor.
  • A generous regarding of fruits and vegetables ought to be eaten up daily to forestall additional stones from developing.
  • Watermelon, either eaten up as a fruit or had a juice is extremely sensible.
  • Cook beet untill soften, strain and drink 3-4 cups of beet juice a day.
  • Prepare a beverage by boiling 2 figs in a very cup of water. Drink this on associate empty abdomen within the morning for one month.
  • Take contemporary pulp of ripe bel (Aegle marmelos L.) and blend with water, add some milk and sugar thereto, drink when straining. this may relieve retention of piss in no time.
  • Regular exercise-one of the various advantages of exercise is that it facilitates the passage of atomic number 20 out of the bloodstreams and into the bones leading to stronger bones and fewer risk of stone formation.

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