Dark Circles & Wrinkles Kit

Dark Circles & Wrinkles Kit

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The appearance of dark under-eye circles is a physical manifestation of the changes that our body and mind are going through. This is the basic premise on which Ayurveda will rectify your problems. This should be the first step towards your journey to overall healthier skin. In our fast-paced lifestyles, we are prone to pay less heed to our sleep cycles or our exposure to white light and computer screens. We are equally guilty of skimping on meals and grabbing food on the go, which usually means fewer nutrients for our bodies. Over time, this erratic lifestyle and lack of care accumulate, presenting themselves as symptoms such as dark circles and other visible skin issues. Ayurveda can effectively understand the effects of imbalances in the body, and work to correct the imbalance and change your lifestyle using pocket-friendly tips. 

Ayurvedic concept

In Ayurveda, the appearance of dark circles can be an aggravated vata imbalance due to multiple factors like irregular sleep habits or sleep deprivation. Infrequent or inadequate meals can also contribute to this imbalance. So these routines induce unnecessary stress in the body.

Vata imbalance:

An aggravated vatta makes you feel dehydrated. The reverse holds true too, if you are dehydrated, it can spur a vata imbalance.  And so, foods cold in nature, predominantly dry or dehydrated food canal so trigger a vata imbalance in the body. If you observe, you can also associate other tangible symptoms such as anxiousness, fear, constipation, bloating, and body dryness amongst others with a vata imbalance. 

Pitta imbalance:

However, there can be another imbalance in the body called pitta that could cause dark circles. Usual symptoms of this imbalance can look irritable - hot flashes, burning sensation, excess thirst, and hunger. So, if you are used to consuming rich, fatty, and salt-rich diets or you are experiencing excessive stress or tension, it would cause a Pitta dosha (or imbalance). Sometimes, the resulting imbalance can create more serious conditions like menstrual disorders or digestive tract issues, which could worsen the problems of dark circles and hyperpigmentation.

Lifestyle changes to reduce those dark circles 

Ask yourself today if you are consuming enough greens. Vitamin C-rich fruits? Antioxidants? Potassium? Magnesium? Or are you unconsciously consuming a diet rich in only carbohydrates and fats?  To prevent the formation of dark circles or to overturn their appearance eventually, it is necessary to make long-term lifestyle changes. A better sleep cycle, regimented screen time, as well as a diet rich in all essential vitamins and minerals sourced from fresh produce, are a few essentials. Here are a few ready tips which you should pin to your wall: 

  1. Get a good night’s sleep. Compensate with a few extra hours of sleep in the afternoon if need be, especially on hot summer days. 
  2. Consume cooked and warm food, which is light and easy to digest. 
  3. To ease the vata and pitta imbalance, it is recommended to consume naturally sweet fruits and grains. 
  4. Avoid dry, spicy, or processed food or even very sour and fermented foods.
  5. Be mindful of not demonizing fats. Our body needs essential fats and naturally occurring oils, so add a dollop of organic ghee to your food, and also include nuts, seeds, and their oils to your daily diet. 
  6. Do not forget to drink some water and more! Your body needs hydration so enjoy water infusions, light juices, and coconut water.
  7. Avoid screen time immediately after waking up or just before sleeping. In addition, try to reduce your daily screen time.
  8. Take up exercise every day. Make a promise to be active and move your body.
  9. Meditate today and every day to drop the stress and worry. 

 To augment controlling the vata and pitta imbalances, and effectively manage stress and other emotions, include breathing and meditation techniques in your daily life. Techniques like the Sudarshan Kriya can rid the body of stress, and anxiety stored over years, to allow your body and mind to regenerate and reap the true benefits of any lifestyle changes you may follow.


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