Insomnia Cure Kit

Insomnia Cure Kit

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Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which the person fails to fall or stay asleep. Insomnia can be short-term (acute) and or long-term (chronic). It is occasionally a symptom of an underlying physiological or psychological condition but it may be caused by stress or lifestyle changes. Insomnia can lead to severe fatigue, anxiety, depression, and lack of concentration. Sleep (Nidra) is one among the 13 Vegas (natural urges). The suppression of these natural urges leads to several harmful effects on the body. According to the Ayurvedic perspective, the doshas responsible for this disease are Tarpak Kapha, Sadhak Pitta, and Prana Vata. Tarpak Kapha nourishes the brain cells and facilitates a good night’s sleep. An imbalance of this dosha causes poor nourishment of brain cells, leading to Insomnia. Sadhak Pitta is located in the heart. It controls emotions, desires, decisiveness, and spirituality. Its imbalance may cause a lack of sleep. Prana Vata is linked to insomnia, worry, and anxiety problems like depression. Prana Vata makes the nervous system sensitive and aggravated Prana Vata leads to insomnia.

Why this insomnia cure kit

A special herbal product for calm maintaining the coolness and relaxation of the brain. It is also best for inducing sleep without any tranquilizers or sedatives.  it increases concentration and removes the dilemmas of the mind. It promotes nighttime sleep without any hangover. It also pacifies the tri doshas like Vata, pitta, kafa. It is best used as a spasm healer. and thus promotes sound sleep.


  • Reduce extra brain activity
  • Maintain normal sleep rhythm
  • Helps in better sleep


Home Remedy:

Ayurvedic treatment of INSOMNIA, Ayurvedic medicine, and panchakarma therapy are used which pacification of Pitta Dosha, and Vat Dosha and restoration of digestive function in the body. Nervine tonics are also recommended to enhance the ojas, relax the mind and give strength to the nervous system.

Shirolepa – Application of herbal pastes which pacify Pitta Dosha like Sandalwood, camphor, and Jatamansi.
Shiro Dhara (Pouring of a thin stream of liquid over scalp)- Shiro dhara with oils like kshirbala tail and chananadi oil is carried out where Vata involvement is high.
Cow milk is done when Pitta involvement is more.

Takra Dhara (buttermilk) is done when there is an obstruction to the Vata passage is to be removed.
Shirovasti – Retaining the medicated oils over the leather cap fitted over the scalp. Any vata-pitta pacifying oils are beneficial for this purpose.

 Diet & Lifestyle:

  1.  Avoid Foods- edged, cheeses, salty foods, processed foods, and sweetener aspartame and the preservative monosodium glutamate may trigger migraines. Skipping meals or fasting.
  2.  Avoid Stress, avoiding caffeine at night, smoking, going to bed hungry, watching TV, reading, eating, or worrying in bed and ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment.
  3.  Not sleeping too much or too little, exercising daily, not forcing sleep, and maintaining a regular sleep schedule.


  • AZ-Calm

Packing: 60 capsules
Dosage: 1-0-1

  • Mind Calm

Packing: 90 capsules
Dosage: 1-1-1

  • Chakra Oil


Packing: 60 capsules

Dosage: 1-0-1

Mind Calm
Packing: 90 capsules

Dosage: 1-1-1

Chakra Oil