Vasant Malti Ras

Vasant Malti Ras

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Vasant malti ras

  • Parada- Consumption of parada relieves a person of all the bad deeds of his past births. The bad deds of yester births get deleted by offering Pooja to the Linga prepared with Pisti of Parada and Gandhaka. One who does even a small bit of Parada Jarana with Abhraka gains the good results of Ashwamedha Yaaga.
  • Kharpara-  the science of promoting longevity and the herbal remedies used to maintain optimal health as well as to reverse the effects of aging. Ayurveda and rasayana go hand-in-hand with yoga to maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Gandhaka- Gandhaka Rasayana (GR) is an important herbo-mineral drug used in Ayurveda as a Rasayana (rejuvenator) drug. It is extensively used in a wide range of clinical conditions such as skin diseases, as an appetizer, in respiratory disorders, arthritis, allergies, pain symptoms, bladder disorder, diabetes, and cough.
  • Abhrakasatva-  used in Ayurveda for respiratory disorders, liver & abdominal diseases, mental diseases and psychosomatic .
  • Vyosha- It not only prevents runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion and irritation but also reduces inflammation and irritation of the nasal mucosa, which ultimately provides relief from most of the common cold symptoms. It is also highly effective in treating asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory illnesses.
  • Swarna Bhasma- Swarna Bhasma is classified as a potent cardiotonic, nootropic, hepatoprotective, antitoxin and immunomodulatory compound, and hence used for the treatment and management of neurological problems, upper respiratory tract infection, fever, infertility, skin disease and ultimately improves overall stamina and body .
  • Loha Bhasma- Loha Bhasma is an iron-rich, complex herbo-metallic preparation of the Ayurvedic system of medicine used to treat anemia. It helps to increase iron content in blood and aid in better absorption of iron with lesser side effects on the digestive system.
  • Darada-  Darada is an ingredient which can be used in combinations with Rasa (mercury) in various recipes.
  • Tamra - It is used in the treatment of Pitta and Kapha predominance diseases, skin diseases, helminthiasis, obesity, anorexia, tuberculosis, pthisis, chronic respiratory conditions, cough, cold, asthma, eye diseases, anemia, piles, dyspepsia. It has scraping quality. Hence used in treating high cholesterol.
  • Ayas bhasma-Iron bhasma and revitalizing herbs which is well absorbed in body. It alleviates mood and boost strength, stamina by eliminating unexplained fatigue.
  • Kantakari rasa- Kantakari has a wide range of health benefits. It is used in managing diabetes, liver damage, inflammation, cancer, asthma, and brain disorders. It also possesses antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
  • Mukta Bhasma- Muktā Bhasma (MB) is a traditional Ayurvedic preparation for cough, breathlessness, and eye disorders and is a powerful cardiac tonic, mood elevator, and known to promote strength, intellect, and semen production.
  • Dhattura rasa- Datura plant as a whole has several characteristic properties including anti-spasmodic, analgesic, sleep-inducing, expectorant, sedative, hypnotic, intoxicant, uterine stimulant and bronchodilator properties.
  • Katuki rasa- Katuki is known to help in removing the excess fire energy from our body thus acting as a cooling agent. It balances pitta and kapha which can cause acidity, digestive problems and fat. So, it helps to improve digestion, metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

    1 tablet per day.

    30 tablets in a bottle.