Brihat Vatchintamani Ras

Brihat Vatchintamani Ras

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Brihat Vatchintamani Ras is Indicated in paralysis, hysteria, sannipat-jwar and body pain and joint’s pain. It is used in the treatment of Vata Dosha imbalance diseases such as paralysis, hemiplegia, facial palsy, tremors etc. The greatest advantage of this herbal medicine supplements are that they have no side effects.

Main Ingredients:

  • Swarna Bhasma-Swarna Bhasma is classified as a potent cardiotonic, nootropic, hepatoprotective, antitoxin and immunomodulatory compound, and hence used for the treatment and management of neurological problems, upper respiratory tract infection, fever, infertility, skin disease and ultimately improves overall stamina and body .
  • Rajat Bhasma-It is useful in cardio-vascular diseases, improves skin complexion, digestion power, body strength and immunity.It is an excellent rejuvenative and anti-aging natural supplement.It is used in treating memory loss, dizziness and excessive thirst.
  • Abhraka Bhasma-Being a powerful aphrodisiac, it also improves libido, treats various infertility issues and improves the reproductive health in both men and women. It also promotes cardiac functioning, controls diabetes, treats indigestion, enhances memory, reduces inflammation and thus improves overall stamina and body immunity.
  • Lauha Bhasma was used for the treatement of many diseases such as anemia, hematochezia, liver disorders, worm infestation, dry skin, irregular fat metabolism, heart disease, pica, rhinitis, etc.
  • Pravala Bhasma-Capsules are used to support the treatment of excess sweating, asthma and bleeding disorders. They balances Vata Dosha and improve physical strength, eyesight, immunity, digestion and skin complexion.
  • Mukta Bhasma-Muktā Bhasma (MB) is a traditional Ayurvedic preparation for cough, breathlessness, and eye disorders and is a powerful cardiac tonic, mood elevator, and known to promote strength, intellect, and semen production.
  • Rasa Sindur-Rasasindura is a mercury-based medicine that is used to treat high fever, jaundice, sexual diseases, immune and nervous system related diseases.

Benefits of Brihat Vat Chintamani Ras:

  • Improves sensory and motor
  • performance in chronic neurological conditions
  • It is very effective in insomnia
  • It is very helful in paralysis disease

1 tablet per day.

30 tablets in a bottle.