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AZ Nephro

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AZ Nephro

This product is a combination of all the herbal drugs that are very effective in treating kidney disorders and prevent kidneys from undergoing dialysis .

It is quite helpful in restoring normal renal functions by reducing creatinine and blood urea levels . it also has diuretic property helpful in urinary tract infections, oedema hypertension and renal stones.

It treats the root cause of the disease , without any side effects .

The Main Ingredients Are


  • Punarnava(Boehaavia Diffusa): It is commonly known as’s Tamil name is Atikamamidi. It is very useful in constipation. It is used for the treatment of burning sensation. It helps in the proper functioning of a kidney. It increases the circulation of fluids. It balances the uric acid levels in our body. It is very beneficial for urinary systems.

  • Gokhru(Tribulus Terrestris): It is commonly known as gokshura. It maintains the urinary tract system. It prevents the production of oxalates. It increases the flow of urine, which causes the body to get rid of excess water.
  • Varuna (Crateva Nurvala): It is commonly known as varuna.It is used to destroy parasitic worms. It tends to increase the flow of urine, which causes the body to get rid of excess water. It is used to reduce fever.
  • Kulth (Dolichos Biflorus): It is commonly known as kulattha. It also increases the flow of urine, which causes the body to get rid of excess water. It flushes out the small stones present in the kidneys.
  • Pasanabheda(Bergenia Ligulata): It is commonly known as pashanbheda. Crush roots of pashanbheda is used in the removal of kidney and bladder stones. It is anti-bacterial.
  • Devdaroo(Cedrus Deodara): It is commonly known as devdara. It is useful in urinary tract disorders. It relieves constipation. It relives bloating and gaseous distension of abdomen. It helps in the disorders of Vata Dosha such as bloating and constipation.
  • Bhui Amala (Phyllanthus niruri): It is commonly known as Niruri. The Indian name of this plant is bhue amala. This can relive many illnesses such as kidney stones, illness of gall bladder. It is very much useful in relieving kidney problems. It increases the amount of flow of urine out of the body.
  • Chharila (parmelia periata): Lichens are used as fodder in Indian states and also have various culinary uses. It is thought to be a good pain reliever and used as a remedy to heal wounds.It also cures various skin disorders. It acts as anti-fungal, anti-biotic, expectorant, astringent and anti-viral.
  • Jevanti (Leptadenia reticulate): Jivanti is a cardio tonic and cures bleeding disorders. It is also used in bronchitis as an expectorant.
  • Lajauni (mimosa pudica): It is Very useful in diarrhoea, Amoebic dysentery and bleeding piles. It is mainly used in herbal preparations for gynaecological disorders. It has been said to have medicinal properties to cure skin diseases. It is also used in conditions like bronchitis, general weakness and impotence.
  • Motha (cypreus rotundus): The botanical name of nagarmotha is Cyperus Rotundus and it is said to have been originated in India. You will be really surprised at the medicinal properties of the rhizome, it has astringent, analgesic, diuretic, antispasmodic, anti inflammatory, the list goes on and on. Many of these properties have been proven through clinical research.
  • Moti pishti(Pearl): It is used in the treatment of mania, psychosis, depression. It acts as cardiac tonic, anti hypertensive.


  • Renal stone
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Nephritis
  • Acute Renal failure
  • Chronic Renal failure
  • Uric acid
  • Proteinuria
  • Oligouria

Why Should You Buy ?

1 capsule thrice daily after meals, or as directed by a physician.

90 capsules in a bottle.